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I can’t speak to protestants. But the overarching Reform Judaism org is 100% LGBT friendly, so you’d be very unlikely to find a Reform synagogue that wasn’t gay friendly. It’s not as corporate as Catholics but all Reform rabbis are trained and taught under the URJ rules which explicitly welcome/support/champion LGBT Read more

Lutherans, some Anglican and Episcopalian churches, many Unitarian churches, some Methodists. Heaps of them, really.  And that is just among Christian religions. Read more

Many Methodist churches have been fairly progressive  Read more

Unitarian...many Episcopal churches (Protestant sects it depends on the individual church itself), Reformed Judaism?...annnnnnd...Flying Spaghetti Monster? Read more

You’re simply wrong. Women are harmed by men they’ve rejected - however graceful the rejection - far more often than the other way around. Read more

Ah, I was waiting for the #NotAllMen folks to show up! Read more

It’s exhausting how they ignore every woman’s experiences and pretend not to get it.  Read more

FYI, #notallmen apologists? Get bent. Read more

I am a dude and 100% support what you say. My wife has told me a ton of terrible stories and it is sad that women or anyone have to put up with it. I have always said that I would never want to be a female bartender (or in the bar industry), you would have to deal with way too much bullshit that I couldn’t handle.
Read more

Hmmmmm is there an “equal” story about women for EVERY TIME? Read more

Sure, call it naive if you’d rather. It’s gross because this is 2019 and none of this information should be surprising. Google also exists, which you could easily try, thus lifting the burden off of the women who are answering you and doing that emotional work for you.  Read more

There are women (and some men) who really have experienced something like stalkers or suspicious/redflag behavior that makes them feel unsafe, sometimes to the point where you feel at a loss of what to do, which is made even worse as many people suffer from anxiety. Myself included, I had multiple stalkers (one got to Read more

Considering sociopaths are infamous for appearing normal and almost charming on the surface, I’m not that shocked that some dudes suddenly go from “normal” to “stabby” upon being rejected. Read more

not to be an asshole but as a man, (& i’m sure you’re very nice), you have absolutely no idea what it’s like to be a woman in this or any situation. seriously. Read more

It’s not an actuarial decision. If a 1 in 100,000 chance of someone physically hurting you isn’t enough to justify lying to extricate yourself from an uncomfortable situation, is 1 in 10,000? 50,000? Read more

If you’re a woman, do you want to make that gamble when the wrong choice means you’re dead?  Read more

Because men can’t take rejection. I have worked in the alcohol industry and have spent A LOT of time in bars, usually on my own for one reason or another. Men hit on me all the time regardless of how cute/hagtastic I looked. They’d send over drinks. They’d sit *right* next to me, despite 15 open seats at the bar. Read more

I think online dating makes it much harder to make that determination before meeting someone face to face. Read more

Thanks Beth, your article serves as journalistic lodestar to the rest of this nation. Read more