2:27 PM

I want to know how the Republicans that came out of that meeting reacted. Did they look sheepish? Frightened? Did they look chagrined? I get that Dems would be livid, but I want to be sure that this isn’t partisan posturing. Read more

8:30 PM

I am happy to see at least that she’s getting all kinds of Twitter love and support now but this kind of shit really makes me want to drown in a bottle of wine.

1:21 PM

Had many weird ones that I deleted including dodgeball and extreme weight loss. However, now I have barber, horn (instrument) and cast iron. Read more

5:58 PM

Edie, I think this is a really powerful post and accurate, and I think it’s an important call out for the AAPI community. Thank you for writing it. Read more

8:47 PM

Between high school boyfriend who is living in the tropics with his lady working in development and college boyfriend who was a line cook without a GED and a hang up over his ex; I’m going to have to go with the latter.

9:08 PM

When I was in the 4th grade back in 1994, the environment club at my school organized a letter-writing campaign to our favourite authors asking them to use an environmental theme in their writing. I wrote to Gordon Korman; made a ludicrous suggestion about Bruno, Boots and a beluga and HE WROTE ME BACK. It wasn’t a Read more

3:25 PM

This is literally exactly the thought I just had. Followed by this one - house hippos:

4:52 PM

I use a LUSH two-in-one shampoo bar (Godiva, smells like jasmine, loves my hair) daily, and then I finger comb with argan oil while it’s still wet. Blowdry for five minutes or it will dry in a really weird shape and sometimes I will straighten it. Occasionally I will use Bedhead After Party to keep it slick, sometimes Read more

7:59 PM

Smoothies! My favourite is 3 cups of spinach, a frozen banana, some coconut water/orange juice, chia seeds and greek yogurt. I prepack frozen sandwich bags of spinach and bananas; just throw it all in the blender, then a vessel and off I go. Mr. Song likes one that’s kale, almond butter, frozen banana and almond milk. Read more

6:16 PM

I think you can give 3 weeks notice if that buys you the time to figure out what’s going on with Mr. Pyrite’s job and will make you more comfortable; but from what I read above it sounds like you’ve already decided to leave the inn so I don’t know how much it matters what may/may not happen with Mr. Pyrite’s gig. Read more

12:15 PM

Hi Hi! I am about to start my Spanish class again so I would like to stay on the leaderboard to keep me accountable. (I’m singsyoursong on duolingo too). Thanks for coordinating Bonnet!

12:34 PM

Specifically, salted butter from Normandie, especially buerre d’Isigny. (My friends and I call it “disney butter” because it’s from the same area of France that Walt Disney’s family was from and also it’s magical.)

7:54 PM

1. I got a response from a notoriously difficult to hear from vendor and it was positive for my client!
2. My employer asked me to do something at the end of last week and as a result I had to beg 4+ different agencies for their help in different pieces of one problem; and everyone came through days before I needed it!
Read more

5:31 PM

I spray my hair with Static Guard when it’s really bad. It smells terrible while it’s happening, but it usually works and the terrible smell fades.

2:44 PM

It depends on the citizenship law that was in effect at the time of your father’s birth, and whether or not your grandmother gave up her Canadian citizenship to become a US citizen before your father’s birth. First-generation born abroad are eligible for Canadian citizenship if they had one Canadian parent at the time Read more