9/05/16 6:12PM

Or the reverse is true and Vin Diesel’s real voice is high and baby like but he is constantly sucking down sulfur hexafluoride:

9/01/16 12:28PM

Yes but South Carolina is Best Carolina. But that is a default win because their competitor is North Carolina.

8/22/16 10:33AM

Hell, Snyderized Warner Bros. everything. Adventures of Robin Hood, Casablanca, Singin’ in the Rain, Blazing Saddles — all your favorite classics in a whole new (absence of) light.

8/15/16 12:30PM

Throw Prometheus in there and Judgemental Geek Fandom will have a stroke.

6/03/16 12:56PM

Episode 96: Original Air Date: February 24th, 1994 ... its 22 years old.

And we’re still listening to the smooth stylings of James Taylor. Though I suppose now its more acceptable for for me to be listening to him... I’m so old now!

5/28/16 10:45AM

Ofcourse you couldn’t “fall” through Earth, since increasing amount of the gravity would pull you into all the directions, not just down, so you’d decelerate towards the middle and end up floating in the centre of the Earth, all the gravity around you equally strong.

1/25/16 10:32AM

White lung, black lung, probably some grey lung in between. Every colour you DON’T want your lungs to be, basically.

1/20/16 12:07PM

Screw this movie, I just wanna see a spinoff of the sloths from the trailer.

1/16/16 8:25PM

Akbar and Jef’s Streaming Hut. Where the elite meet to sit on the couch and eat tasty treats.

12/30/15 8:56PM

In Scotland bringing a bottle of whisky everywhere is traditional.

12/30/15 8:37PM

My family, from Mississippi practices the First Foot tradition. We also follow the tradition of eating black eyed peas on New Year's Day, although I don’t know where that one comes from.