“I didn’t even want to be in them,” he continued, while visibly perspiring. “Who wants money and fame in some of the biggest movies of our time? I’m happy watching the old stuff anyways, back before it got mainstream. I definitely didn’t audition for the new ones, and never heard back, ahaha, why do you ask? Oh, you Read more

Hmm, I always thought the cover of Live Through This depicted a beauty queen, the beauty queen from the song “Miss World”, which is a single on the album?

I think there is something to be said as well about how changes in weight are a very normal sign of deteriorating mental health. Thor wasn’t just fat, Thor was in an alcoholic depressive stupor. And they explored that (as much as they could for Marvel film anyhow). 

By that standard, the Democratic National Convention is an event with even stronger ties to the KKK and white supremacy.

We really doing this? Really? I mean we have Texas trying to take away the right to vote for anyone that isn’t white, actually seasons their food and can clap on the 2 & 4 and this is what you’re concerned with? I am all for multi-tasking but I am also for priorities and this ain’t it. Unless you have footage of her Read more

There is an argument to be made that an active draft would discourage imperialist actions by the Executive Branch. Read more

Tom Holland is a fine actor, but Nathan Drake is basically a slightly less moral, wise-cracking Indiana Jones with a permanent five o’clock shadow, not a guy who looks like he’s not old enough to drink. 

She was paranoid. Her brother also alluded to it. There is nothing wrong with admitting it. It wasn’t her fault and he isn’t saying it was. Mental health discussions is about being honest. One of the fake documents Bashir gave her was essentially about Prince Phillip wanting to assassinate her.. She alluded to it in Read more

For the longest time you would sell a person a cheap chevy in his 20s so that he’d buy a bigger one when his family started, a nicer buick when he got that big promotion at work, and a big cadillac in his old age. Read more

As someone who does not like Lana Del Rey at all, Billie Eilish laps her so often in the talent field, she might as well be Captain American running laps at the DC waterfront.

So this is a bad faith premise that is designed to get people to fight about which female artist is better and it should be REJECTED out of hand. Billie Eilish is GREAT. Rihanna is GREAT. There's no need to fight over who is better.

your opinion has been noted and promptly thrown in the trash.

Dark meat McNuggets. They were so much better.

It makes a little bit more sense (not a lot, a bit) when you think of TERFs as being grounded, ideologically speaking, in the female separatist movement. I had some personal experience with that when I was a master’s student and my best friend - a woman - would blithely assert from the other side of the restaurant Read more

I’m about your age, and I don’t remember a lot of dress code fooferaw in my (mostly white) suburban high school. Certainly no concern over the angle of a cheerleaders spankies. And I know exactly what velour/terry cloth onesies you’re talking about, but those were more jr. high for me, and in a heavily Mormon area, Read more

He’s like Steff in Pretty Pink (only not as hot as young James Spader). 

Dude. I checked your comment history half-expecting to discover you’re a troll or something but you seem like a legit, clever guy. So I want to try and engage you on this. Read more

One of the first times I really questioned Whedon’s feminist cred was hearing about that plan (I didn’t know about what happened to Charisma at the time). Read more