Nov 15

The structure of this was beautiful. The Purple Holy Ghost part raised me up, the Joe Blow letter got me down (seriously, reading that shit was painful), and then Smurf’s story brought me back to the mountaintop.

Love your work, man.

Nov 13

I marched in Washington DC in 2004 at the March for Women’s Lives. I was 6 months pregnant at the time, and was marching with a group of women from the progressive Methodist church I was attending (they sent a full bus of people from that church to the rally). I wore a pink t-shirt that said Baby on Board with an Read more

Oct 29

This passion may help us. There is very little excitement for Biden even among Democratic supporters. This is a better vision for the future, imho -- and may help encourage people to their ballots. 

Oct 29

My only source of consternation about this is that I wish VF hadn’t published this until after the election. I love AOC but she’s a lightning rod for conservatives, and we don’t need to give the GOP’s base any more motivation to vote (symbolically) against her, which is what Trump and co. have been trying to convince Read more

Aug 25

Oh, this is also the episode where Bartlet plays a bunch of chess games. I have mixed feelings about the plot/character decisions behind the Toby-Jed dynamic around this time (basically Toby thinks Jed is afraid to be his authentic self while campaigning and keeps poking him inappropriately about his abusive father), Read more

Aug 24

Ellen deserves all the bouquets for being a pioneer, for opening doors for gays, for her hard work, talent and perseverance in making it in Hollywood. Read more

Aug 15

Ugh execs are so out of touch, for starters baby pink and blue is the trans flag. The bi flag is fuchsia and deep blue.
Read more

Aug 10

For those that may not know, Santa Clarita is straight up Cop Land. They put a smile on it but shit is 100% Corrupt. 

Aug 10

I’m going to reserve judgement until I find out whether Daft Punk is doing the soundtrack again.

Jul 23

Try the one with cornflakes in, that’s the best one.

Jul 22

Of course I remember when Affleck tried to be a romcom star. How could I forget that 90's goatee.

Jul 17

While on mushrooms I fell over when someone asked me the time and I tried to look at my watch.