I Am No One
Jan 23 2019

They know exactly what it means, and they attempt to gaslight everyone (because they are stupid enough to think it works).

Jan 22 2019

That episode was incredible, everyone got awesome new looks and Steven had some of his best moments ever. Read more

Jan 22 2019

Yup. As soon as these shits started getting painted as victimized angels, I started shouting that they were assholes in MAGA hats bused in from a boys school to protest women’s reproductive rights. Even if the black men and the native protesters started shouting at them, they deserved it.

Jan 22 2019

If that picture isn’t a perfect distillation of 400 plus years of white colonialism, I don’t know what is.
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Jan 19 2019

Teenagers are, almost down to the individual level (I’m sure there are a few that are decent people), sociopathic shitbags.

When you combine their natural inability to engage in basic empathy for others with a political movement like the one that continues to support Trump, only awful things can result.

This is why I Read more

Jan 14 2019

Me, too, but then I feel kinda bad. They didn’t do anything wrong and they’re still a punchline.

Jan 14 2019

stop stealing valor from antifa, you disgusting centrist.

Jan 11 2019

They would argue that it hasn’t. In fact, you’ll notice that other books that follow the concept specifically are not called “Choose Your Own Adventure” books for this very reason. Read more

Jan 11 2019

The lawsuit isn’t about copying the concept or style. It’s that Netflix repeatedly uses the actual, trademarked phrase “Choose Your Own Adventure”, both in marketing for the film and within the story of the film itself. The company objects to the in-film novel, Bandersnatch, being described by a character as “It’s a Read more

Jan 10 2019

I mean feel free to cure childhood cancer first. Adult cancer too! Diabetes, heart disease...maybe even the common cold? In fact, you know what? I’m good! No need to worry about it, thanks for the checkup, doc! <skips off joyfully>

Jan 8 2019

The best thing about AOC is that she shows another kind of politician is possible. For decades we have been told that we only have a choice between your average evil republican and your run of the mill spineless democrat. After a lifetime eating thin gruel, we look over to the other table and see they have steak. Why Read more

Dec 17 2018

That’s like saying you can’t own a song, cause we all have voices. Can’t own a book, cause we all have fingers to write. Can’t own a game, cause can all type code. Absurd argument.

Dec 13 2018

This is 100% what it was. I don’t expect Steph Curry or Mistah F.A.B. to traffic in tranny sex tape circles, especially not to the level that they’d feel comfortable discussing it in public... So it would have to have reached the widespread public consciousness in the recent past... Enter Dwight. Read more

Dec 13 2018

That was my thought as well, since I read “a certain . . .” as a coy way of saying “you all know the one I’m talking about.”