5/06/21 9:22PM

The absolute worst homophobic abuse I suffered in school was from someone who came out 4 years later (and then somehow expected us to be pals). You'd hope that holding it in would make people empathetic, but it doesn't always work that way.

5/06/21 7:12PM

If someone inflicted horrific abuse and you reported it, whatever happens after that isn’t your responsibility. 

5/06/21 5:17PM

This is not great advice, and I’m confused as to why you gave it, and if it was based on research, personal experience, or your assumptions. Read more

5/06/21 4:55PM

Telling children who to hug is big issue for me. A couple I love dearly are always telling their kids to hug Auntie/Uncle So&So goodbye, and when it comes to me I always tell them they don’t have to. Read more

5/06/21 4:30PM

You’ll be ignored, but I would still advise writing it all down in a letter, getting a lawyer to proof your letter to avoid legal comeback, and sending it to the schoolboard through that layer’s legal service. It won’t get them fired, but it will make it easier for them to be dismissed or prosecuted if they do it Read more

5/06/21 4:18PM

Yeah you report it. If the school’s had a history of these complaints current students it’s the sort of thing that could jostle the apple cart enough to tip the whole thing over. Read more

5/06/21 3:51PM

I’m someone who has gone to a school district over a similar issue with a former bully, and I wholeheartedly disagree with all of this advice except the volunteering bit. Read more

5/06/21 2:24PM

If only we were all entitled to the forgiveness and patience afforded to Christian white males

5/04/21 11:03AM

When my ex was having trouble dating, he watched the whole series because he thought that’s what women were like. Read more

5/04/21 9:05AM

The current state of SiTC...

5/03/21 9:48PM

I remember watching this 20-odd years ago with my (then) wife, three or four episodes a night as the DVDs came out from the video store. Read more

5/03/21 8:48PM

Unfortunately I think a lot of people will. The same people that buy the discount eat, pray, love, live, believe, happy signs at Home Goods. 

5/03/21 8:48PM

Ah yes, Dog Day Afternoon, that paragon of traditional sexual mores.

5/03/21 8:47PM

These ladies gotta be pushing 60 now right? Put them in a retirement community in south Florida. 

5/03/21 8:38PM

They never should have even come up with the idea of a reboot.  People aren’t interested in narcissism anymore.   

5/03/21 6:15PM

The summer before I left my conservative Christian household for college, I got my very own laptop for the first time. Realizing this meant I could watch whatever I wanted, I secretly rented the entire SATC series on DVD and mainlined it in a couple months. It was the only thing that even halfway prepared me for the Read more

5/03/21 5:40PM

It was 2021 in New York City, and I couldn’t help but wonder: where were all the non-caucasians?

5/03/21 5:39PM

It seems like there's an awful lot of shows about a group of white people who live in very diverse cities, but only interact with other white people. 

5/03/21 4:32PM

“ ... my fantasy cold open for this program that finds the women in mourning veils, draping Samantha’s headstone with dildos and pearl g-strings ... Read more