4/12/21 1:42PM

If my most recent mammogram had shown enlarged lymph nodes, I would have freaked out. Twenty years ago, I was lucky enough to survive metastatic breast cancer. A very tiny but aggressive ductal carcinoma that was so small it couldn’t even be palpated by the surgeon, had already spread to some of my underarm lymph Read more

1/20/21 7:36PM

Gaga looked like a glorious queen from another planet. What else could we expect, after all? 

1/20/21 7:31PM

Yes! I'm 70 and stopped wearing high heels a few years ago because of balance issues. I bow before Speaker Nancy for strutting those gorgeous teal stilettos in her 80's. Well done, sister. 

11/02/20 10:44PM

On Nov 9, 2016 I was in Oregon visiting my daughter’s family for Halloween and my oldest grandsons birthday. My daughter suggested I change my flight so I could be with them on Election day, and to celebrate Hillary’s election. Read more

11/02/20 2:22PM

Good for you for not putting off your mammogram in spite of the whole shit show. I’m alive today because I did that mammogram that I was tempted to blow off. Turns out I had a sneaky metastatic breast cancer (no lump) that had already spread to my lymph nodes. Read more

10/22/20 1:24PM

If she voted for John McCain, that means she also voted for Sarah Palin. Ugh.

10/19/20 9:21PM

Just now heard on MSNBC that the Debate Commission has approved the muting of mics to enforce debate rules. 

10/16/20 6:28PM

How big must the rock be that you had to have been living under in 2016 to be oblivious to: his birther racism, his calling people from Mexico “rapists,” his promise to build a wall, his leading “Lock her up “ chants, his braying and lying during the debates with Hillary Clinton, (not to mention him looming creepily ov Read more

10/09/20 1:44AM

That was the most laughable part of his insane rambling. I'm pretty sure his narcissistic delusions have him convinced that the weird dyed hair, orange pancake makeup and baggy suits make him look like the virile 35 year old he's only ever been in his own mind. 

10/08/20 1:50PM

Narcissistic abuse, lying, gaslighting, and relentless interrupting are all bullying tactics, whether they’re shouted by an angry orange loon or spoken softly by a half dead body so inert that flies land on it. Abuse is abuse, no matter what voice it uses.

9/30/20 11:03PM

I adore Katie Porter. I’m 70 years old, and I want grow up to be just like her.
I hope I live long enough to see a Porter/Duckworth ticket. Or Duckworth/Porter. I’d be thrilled either way. And I’ll have one of my grandsons push me in a wheelchair to the polls so I can vote for them. If I’ve lost my wits by then, I’ll Read more

9/30/20 12:33AM

Wives don’t get to go, what with a deadly pandemic. I had to call 911 for my elderly cardiac patient husband in April. No ride with him in the ambulance, and no admittance of me to the hospital. I got to wait at home by the phone. He had pericarditis, and they sucked 600 ccs of fluid out of his chest, and he had to go Read more

9/25/20 2:37PM

It would have made infinitely more sense to run a picture of Aro herself rather than just one more nausea inducing shot of that orange mug.

9/13/20 10:00PM

I had to stop watching after the first episode, but still check in on the reviews occasionally. It’s no secret that most of these queens a have had a significant amount of trauma in their lives in the form of bullying, disowning by their families and the ever present threat of violence toward those who don’t confirm Read more