Nov 8

Your inability to travel plan, is not anybody else’s problem.

Nov 2

There is so much derp here. And who signs up for a farewell blog and then tells people to kill themselves? I’m pretty sure that you become the automatic loser in that situation. I know it’s an obvious point to make, but I just wanted to restate it.

Nov 1

The Night Vale podcasts are almost uniformly excellent. Gimlet also has some pretty good scripted shows. I believe they are all pretty popular. 

Nov 1

Everything old is new again. I used to listen to old radio show rebroadcasts with my grandmother. I could see “radio” dramas being a new way to cheaply produce novel content. The aime/manga market has done it for years. I barely actually “watch” YouTube or Netflix, I keep them in background tabs while gaming or doing Read more

Nov 1

The part where they said Gawker broke libel laws. They did not break libel laws, and the Florida jury that said they were guilty apparently did not understand libel laws. Read more

Nov 1

Hahahaha look how quick he made you out yourself as a cunt. 

Oct 31

Wasn’t Dylan McDermott’s character a reference to THE HITCHER? 

Oct 31

I can’t believe I’m explaining a part of the Murphy/Falchuk logic, but Molly wrote in her review: “While it makes sense that little Bobby’s spirit isn’t hanging around (whether by the rules that govern those who die younger than ten, or by more Casper-esc, no unfinished business laws of the afterlife), where are Read more

Oct 24

Not only is this guy a complete and total shithead...this situation has me rooting for the <looks around....whispers> the Nationals.

Oct 9

What I really love here is that people who drive Uber and Lyft are just now waking up and realizing that this isn’t an original idea, and maybe soon see that the industry that existed prior to this one (taxi cabs) was actually better in so many ways, but it wasn’t a puffed up con artist with hipster glasses and a Read more

Oct 5

Oh look, everybody, it’s the great Boomer Man! Here to complain about how kids these days are always on their cellphones and never interact with other people! Read more

Sep 23

Fun Fact:  the Niners’ 5 turnovers was 1 fewer than the 6 they had in a game some remember from their past.  Took place on Jan 10, ‘82.