Nov 9

Your example seems like a highly specific, singular problem. Plan for layovers less than an hour and come rejoin the world of the rest of us.

Nov 2

I know this is Gizmodo, but too many of these comments are focusing on the tech instead of the demographics of the person who came up with this prototype. Give this girl a college scholarship (or whatever advanced educational path she desires) RIGHT FUCKING NOW and sit back to see what else she can come up with. Read more

Sep 29

In all seriousness, at least the NFL replay review kinda actually worked the way it’s intended, given that the officials on the field completely missed the helmet-to-helmet aspect of the hit and the NY official called for a review.

Sep 24

The novella is very good, but I wish they kept the original title instead of using the title of the collection it’s part of. Actually, all of the stories in the collection are great.