Edgar Allan Bro
2:29 PM

Finding a good Borderlands gun feels like cheating, like you found an endgame weapon 20 hours too early. My first legendary sniper rifle was an absolute beast of a weapon that fired three incendiary projectiles at once but only consumed one bullet at a time.

2:12 PM

Bread flour is enriched with vitamins for pretty much this purpose.

12:21 PM

This brightened my day. Whenever I see an asshole parked like an asshole, I always want to enact some kind of elaborate revenge, but never seem to have the time or motivation.

9:46 AM

Man, people really can’t win. Jameela Jamil has been saying mostly the right things for a long time, and backs it up by taking celebrities who hawk dangerous ideas and products to task. So she’s not the first to say these things, does that mean she shouldn’t say them? Or that she deserves this snotty recap of her

10:33 AM

I stop by Starbucks usually once a week, near my office. I always order the exact same thing - grande Americano (and I drink it black, because when I was in England for grad school, that was the cheapest drink I could order from Costa Coffee in the Leeds Union). I also often get the same barista. Last week, after I

8:59 AM

Image you are at a Starbucks and the line is out the door. This isn’t even counting the app orders they might be getting as well. Now image maybe just 4,5 even 6 of those possible 20 plus orders pulling this nonsense. That “no big deal” extra time can add up pretty fast.