how come I can see the comments here, but on nuthin else?

Carter and Ford became BFFs when they realised how much they both hated nixon.

Two millionaires in a luxury box, ignoring the game.

$$ spent on lawyers, is tax deductable. so, win-win baby.

reglar butter is over 3 bucks a pound.

which one?

I beat his record every year. Theyre called airplanes, dude.

Make a movie about the guy that beat him.

You’re not even close.

Old mercenary buddy come to visit Korgoth. But Korgoth NOT ruler of massive empire! What Korgoth do?

I was saying boo-urns.

Once again, this is not waht I asked for whan I said I wanted some instant pot.

They don’t speakee the english? Everything has to go through a translator?

I was pleasantly surprised thier sojurn in the heartland didnt have multiple shots of a beer can bouncing off one of thier heads and a truck peeling off with a guy yelling FAAAAAAAGGGGOTTTTSSSSSS!!!!!!.

This story might have a little more traction if you had a picture of an actor who is more than 4 feet tall.

I found out editors at Jezebel don’t make enough money to afford a new mattress.

Id rather use the toiletries and donate the money I didn’t spend on shampoo.

Not Porsh-UH-eans?

Gee, maybe if you didn’t spend so much money on cars you could afford to buy a house.