how come I can see the comments here, but on nuthin else?

Carter and Ford became BFFs when they realised how much they both hated nixon.

Two millionaires in a luxury box, ignoring the game.

$$ spent on lawyers, is tax deductable. so, win-win baby.

I beat his record every year. Theyre called airplanes, dude.

Make a movie about the guy that beat him.

There were always problems tho...

Old mercenary buddy come to visit Korgoth. But Korgoth NOT ruler of massive empire! What Korgoth do?

Once again, this is not waht I asked for whan I said I wanted some instant pot.

They don’t speakee the english? Everything has to go through a translator?
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I was pleasantly surprised thier sojurn in the heartland didnt have multiple shots of a beer can bouncing off one of thier heads and a truck peeling off with a guy yelling FAAAAAAAGGGGOTTTTSSSSSS!!!!!!.

This story might have a little more traction if you had a picture of an actor who is more than 4 feet tall.

I found out editors at Jezebel don’t make enough money to afford a new mattress. Read more

Id rather use the toiletries and donate the money I didn’t spend on shampoo.

Gee, maybe if you didn’t spend so much money on cars you could afford to buy a house. Read more