Nov 2 2014

A point that he makes in his article is that a scientist picking up a single specimen is no different from natural predation, so it really has no effect on the species as a whole, in fact if it did then the species would have no chance of survival in nature. Scientific study is the best way to preserve a species, if a Read more

Oct 30 2014

So is electricity. And tricycles. And the Mandlebrot set. And at least three-fourths of the discography of Lou Reed/Velvet Underground.

Oct 24 2014

It's a shitty movement to hitch your wagon to in the first place though. It had nothing to do with journalism from the outset, so why stick with Gamergate if that's what you really care about?

Oct 24 2014

I actually think the smart ones who have a point don't associate with Gamer Gate. They don't see the need to be collective in their genuine inquiries about journalism ethics or sexism. Also, those aren't the ones being chauvinistic douche waffles threatening rape and outing peoples personal info.