5:27 PM

I think people load up on the praise for the beauty of trans women in a way that would be considered inappropriate in a similar context dealing with a cis woman because they are trying to say "I am an ally! I recognize that she is a woman!". They mean well, but have thought more about how they assume their words will Read more

5:15 PM

Yet interestingly in the criticism of the show they use arguments lile "how would a trans woman feel of they were told to throw out all the feminine items of clothing in their closet?" and other ways in which not allowing someone to express their gender identity in nonconforming ways is wrong. Read more

4:37 PM

A-line skirts FTW. A lot of contemporary clothing lacks decent silhouettes, which are a key thing of you want to look great as in impressive, not great as in "Hollywood Starlet Going To Yoga Class" (it is possible to look skinny and poorly dressed). Read more

1:50 PM

God, that Makeup Alley website looks like they are very commited to celebrating Throwback Thursday. I guess this is as good place as any to ask if there are any web designers or coders with document database experience who'd be interested in being part of building a Metacritic for makeup? Read more

11:11 AM

While I see your point, I'd take the responses to The Finger Of God as evidence that she chose her rhetoric well for the intended audience. Especially because the very objective sounding "I'm just asking questions." is exactly the kind of language commonly used by those sympathetic to #gamergate. These are the same Read more

9:39 AM

I would agree with your criticism of this part of her rhetorical strategy, as you say, if the intended audience was different. But she's not writing for fellow scholars, but at least partly to people who might be sympathetic with #gamergate because of they are Critical Thinkers; largely because of the internet there Read more

3:05 PM

I think another reason why Animal Liberation Front has been accepted as domestic terrorism more broadly is because they are a threat to not just individuals of a certain group, but because they put businesses in danger of property damage and loss of profits. Read more