May 10

Yup, going on the Juke. Turning the spice up to 11.

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Apr 17

Italy is is Europe. So is Spain, also the UK (kinda), France, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Sweden. Read more

Mar 26

Now that my contract is finally cancelled, I can finally talk about it: Until Monday, I was doing machine learning for an ad agency that Ford contracted back in 2018. Ford still has the contract, but the agency (I’m not naming them because they may want to re-hire me once this all turns around) is shedding a lot of

Mar 6

Not a question, per se, but I would love to see photographs (or videos or even low res gifs if you must) of the parts that make it work, suspension details, engine details, etc... I’d love to see parts of it that I’ve never seen before because no one wanted to maneuver their camera into tiny spaces to take pictures Read more

Mar 6

Carbon fiber is probably half the weight of any plastic part.

Mar 5

ya know... you listed three candidates, one of whom has dropped out, and you missed Tulsi who (currently) is still in it.

Mar 4

The EV market is going to be controlled by 3 things: Brand Recognition, Technology and Range.

Tesla currently holds all 3 cards in their hands. Tesla is the most recognized name in the EV Auto industry. They’ve surpassed all other smaller market names and are now challenging “The Big 3" with direct to consumer sales Read more

Mar 3

Jalopnik is one of the very few outlets that does not agree to informational embargoes. That means that other outlets sign extensive non-disclosure agreements, agreeing to sit on information for days, weeks, sometimes months in advance, and not say a peep about it until a manufacturer’s marketing team says they can. Read more

Feb 24

Tell her these hard-scrabble stories will play well when she runs for office.