Dec 7

CDPR made the choice to foreground trans and gender-nonconforming people in their marketing for this game, and they also chose to make those depictions dismissive, fetishizing, or otherwise shitty. Trans critics are going to bring that into the review and it’s entirely justified, especially because for a lot of Read more

Dec 4

Sorry, but as a (non-gaming) software developer myself, I can’t support the “Your last product was a failure, so fuck off and die” school of management.

Oct 1

Wow. You admire someone’s ability to be an unrepentant bigot. Bravo, you are also an asshole.

Sep 11

If you slash the tires, hell yeah I’m just gonna let you. You are clearly a psychotic maniac with a knife, and I got insurance. If you slap my partner, I’m gonna try and stop her from pounding you into a paste and urge her to leave. She has a temper and she can look after herself. Neither case is gonna involve the Read more

Jun 18

Thank you for your reply Joel. Yes, I realize the contradiction in absolutely being opposed to saying “All Lives Matter” but also thinking “don’t all trans lives matter?” and that’s something I just have to work on. Thank you again for taking a moment to explain and really drive it home.

Jun 12

Minority communities were impacted greater than white communities. This has led to a presumption by white communities that susceptibility to Coronavirus is tied to socio-economic/race conditions. NOT, with being in non-essential jobs or being able to work from home. Read more

Mar 6

You Americans and your funny illusions of freedom. You may be armed against the tyranny of government (a threat which isn’t really that significant in the civilised world right now) but you’ve disarmed yourselves against corporate tyranny (a threat which is significant). You’ve become so myopic about the government Read more

Feb 4

That first one is the reason I’m stoked. My PC burned in the camp fire last year and I haven’t built a new one yet. I very well may not, now. This appears to be good enough to run my steam games on, I’ll have to give it a try.

Jan 27 2020

Texture was a big part of my picky eating as a kid. I couldn’t stand any detectable fat or gristle on meat or skin on chicken, and given that kids don’t often have the fine motor skills to precisely cut those parts off a steak, it meant I didn’t often like eating steak. Similarly, I didn’t understand the point of Read more

Jan 3 2020

To summarize an old post of mine, Gamers were never to really prepared to have their hobby *actually* treated like the form of art they always kept shouting that it was. They’re art when it needs to be protected, but they’re mindless toys come time to examine them.

Dec 17 2019

I keep a safety pin pinned inside my laptop bag. In a pinch it is a port lint remover, a SIM tray puller, a short-circuit builder, and, in more pedestrian moments, an emergency clothing repair device. Read more

Dec 17 2019

Ugh... but what happens when it’s only specific chargers, other ones stay plugged in well!

Dec 13 2019

Looks like my level of sarcasm isn’t obvious enough in this age of knee-jerk reactions. Let me try this again. My friend was an idiot who blamed Apple for her own stupidity and I was trying to help others avoid the same fate. And for the record, I’m on team Apple and believe that Google is the one making the garbage Read more