Shiny Chrome Witnessedbot
Aug 23 2015
It Begins

I have purchased this. Because it is time to teach my spawn to be global dictators. I have previously taught them to

Aug 20 2015

So, the fact that the corner of my mouth (just the lips, not tongue) is slightly swollen and numb suddenly for no

Jul 7 2015
Kinja be Kinja

How do I kinja? I just have some little buggy questions that have been bugging me (heh) and am wondering if it’s

Jun 30 2015

Can the people over on the latest io9 Ghostbusters reboot post please stop being assholes? Please? There is such an

Jun 27 2015

I just saw this movie. Melissa McCarthy is hilarious. Loved it. Absofuckinglutely loved it. AND NOT A FAT JOKE IN

Jun 26 2015

Y’all, I have a bottle of champagne that I’ve been hanging onto since Easter, a bunch of nail polish colors, and

Mar 9 2015

I know that we all PubMed and bowhunt around here, as well as live in squalor and wallow in the despair of our

Feb 23 2015

Ok, y'all, is it just me? Maybe I'm just an odd duck. But guys who send me a ONE WORD message on OKC are flipping