Jul 24

I know that people rag on Xbox for being the shootin’ and racin’ platform due to their exclusives, but it’s been great to watch Microsoft really branch and support exciting initiatives like this demo event, Game Pass, and backwards compatibility. It’s certainly made the choice between PS5 and XSX much more difficult Read more

Jul 24

Confirmation aliens are real is gonna come in a Friday night news dump, I can feel it

Jul 24

Well if they’ve been keeping aliens secret, they sure haven’t let Trump in on it. He would have blabbed about it years ago at one of his rallies and complained that they were coming to this country illegally.

Jul 14

I think you are far to hard on Sokka! I disagree that he is the “Americanizer”. There are ton of silly comic relief characters in traditional anime as well. The Last Airbender is, at its heart, still made for kids ages 7 and up so it’s gotta smooth out anything to serious. Read more

Jul 13

Both women procreated with guys who look very similar to themselves.  I actually think Gwyneth’s daughter looks exactly 50/50 each parent.  :) 

Jul 13

I’ve said it on here before, and I’ll say it again: 50 Cent remains one of the dumbest, most trifling people I’ve ever met. In the nearly two years I worked as a designer for the G-Unit line, I was continually irritated by the stupid shit that fell out of his mouth. He's trash.

Jul 6

On July 2, Michael Bay’s covid-19 thriller Songbird (set two years in the future!) was hit with a “do not work” order by SAG-AFTRA. Read more

Jul 5

This is true, but it is also true that many people who could be helped by anti-depressants refuse to take them because of the societal stigma against mental health problems which makes them feel they are weak and if they can’t just “buck up” and be stronger then they shouldn’t need meds. Pushing that line of thought Read more

Jul 2

Commando is the best Schwarzenegger movie ever made. That’s a totally different thing than saying it was the best movie ever made that had Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. In the genre of Schwarzenegger movies (not all of which even have Schwarzenegger in them), Commando is easily the best.

Jul 1

So my dad was an ob/gyn who always referred patients to a particular infertility specialist, and in return that guy gave him an extremely expensive gadget every year. That doc really didn’t know my dad very well, because my dad, while a brilliant physician, is an incurious technoidiot who to this day struggles with

Jul 1

Oh wow, my junior high school friend who always had too many toys had one of these and we managed to get it rigged up in his mom’s van with a NES and played games for a whole 4 hour drive to a school field trip. We thought we were the coolest kids in school. Obviously we were.

Jun 29

I stand before you all today to make an incredibly brave confession - I like all kinds of stuff in Star Wars, but I never got the appeal of podracing, and thought the game was boring. I don’t know why I am like this.

Jun 29

I don’t know, maybe Sega and EA are two different companies.
I really don’t know.

Jun 26

Whatever it was, it was serious enough that they measured the bad press vs whatever he brought in and he was found wanting. To nuke him like this without releasing details of his crimes tends to make me think that it’s really -really- bad, as ‘could result in criminal charges’ and soon the details will be accessible Read more

Jun 26

So how long before a story of him being accused for predatory behavior or assault becomes public. Today? This weekend? If Twitch is doing this now I assume it’ll within a week at the latest.

Jun 26

My understanding is he really isn’t a Doctor of Disrespect. It was more of an honorary degree, like Mr. Phil.

Jun 26

How did you even find this photo. Billy is tough to look at, at the best of times. This is the most condescending face another human has ever pulled.

Jun 26

I think it’s clear there’s a sexual assault somewhere in this equation.  You wouldn’t do this NOW, THIS QUICKLY, or WITH THIS TIMING if there wasn’t.