This. The 10 year plan. The one that TECHNICALLY goes to 2024 only now with a big chunk missing. Absolutely loved the lore but I’ve been hesitant to jump back since I got out after The Last Wish raid (god I love that raid) and so much has passed me by it all seems like a convoluted mess now.
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I’ve always love those bizarre claims about me. Read more

I just REALLY WISH Sony would release A Dualsense Back button attachment. It’s so freaking dumb that they’d released one for the Dualshock near the end of its life and not release one at all for the Dualsense. I just don’t freaking get it... Read more

The data actually shows that on average, controller players have higher accuracy % than PC players in Halo Infinite due to the aim assist. There is a reddit post illustrating this.

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I think the best case scenario is a press release that says, “We consider those stories and characters to now be part of the Legends universe and look forward to adding new stories in their place.” Read more

I think it was bigger and more of a cultural touchstone in 80s than you are giving credit for. It was everywhere. Read more

Like anything else, fan service and reverence to the property can be an asset or a liability. If you ignore it, then you usually end up with what feels like a mercenary tie-in, an unrelated property someone slapped a few names on to get more people to buy tickets. If you crank it up too far, then you’re going to hit Read more

“Galaxy Quest” also works well because it takes place in a world where “Galaxy Quest” is an actual TV show, and there are literally fans of the show in the story. It feels much sillier to have in-story fans of things that actually happened, which as an audience we’re aware are just movies, adding a layer of removal Read more

What bothered me about Lowery in Jurassic World is that in-universe his love of the original makes no sense. It was a theme park that fell apart on the first test run that resulted in the deaths of several people. There is nothing “legit” about it.  Read more

Afterlife definitely contains a lot of fan service, but I’d strongly disagree that Gary is a fan surrogate — he’s the only sane person in the entire town. Everyone else somehow forgot that ghosts turned out to be real. It’s like if you lived through 9/11 or the JFK assassination, wouldn’t you remember that? Read more

Robin Williams will specifically has a no using my image, likeness or voice until 75 years after my death.
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I mean, who’s next? Robin Williams? Read more

Digital Peter Cushing didn’t bother me that much, maybe because it felt like 20 years later wasn’t too soon, and I didn’t know or care much about the original actor outside of this role?

But man. Harold Ramis. That was a funny dude I saw in lots of things, and digitally resurrecting him feels like an act of cultural Read more

Like the choice to bring back Egon Spengler as a ghost. The implications of Gozer returning again with her Terror Dogs. What all the original Ghostbusters have been doing all these years... Those two post-credit scenes featuring actors from the original movie. Read more

It’s a movie about GHOSTS and they brought him back as a GHOST and spoke no lines at all.
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Yep. And in this case it’s an especially cheap way to jerk some tears out of the audience not because they’ve built a strong story around Egon’s death...but rather get them to tear up because “Aww Harold Ramis wasn’t here to dance for me.” Read more

I really, really feel like we should maybe stop digitally resurrecting dead actors and putting them in new movies so middle-aged nostalgia addicts can pretend like their parasocial relationships with fictional characters still have meaning and worth. Read more

Like the choice to bring back Egon Spengler as a ghost.
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What was the point of this besides shitting on the PS5? Read more