3:20 PM

I didn’t think that the discussion about sexualisation in video game was about womens self image. I don’t know any woman who likes video games who longs for looking like a pre-teen looking dragon girl who is secretly 1000 years old or having breasts so big that they take up the vast majority of their body.

I thought it Read more

10:17 PM

Sony has already moved over 4 million VR sets. I think they have the best bet of truly breaking thru, especially with PS5.

1:27 PM

I’m calling it. 2019 will be seen as the year VR moves into the mainstream, because of the Oculus Quest. I picked one up at launch. I’m old enough that I once stood in a one hour line in 1993 to try out Dactyl Nightmare on a Virtuality VR system in an arcade. It was my first, very rudimentary, taste of the VR future. Read more

6:41 PM

Naw man, disliking this scene doesn’t make you a violent misogynist. You can be pro representation of women and female empowerment in mass market superhero films and think that this scene felt forced and pandering and a little gross. It was almost as if they felt they needed to have something for their female Read more

5:05 PM

This was one of my least favorite scenes in all of Endgame. You can’t tell me that it didn’t feel MASSIVELY forced to have all of these characters come together like that. You mean to tell me that, across the entire battlefield, somehow it just so happens that all of the female heroes (and only the female heroes) just Read more

12:43 PM

The continued spin on why Solo failed is stunning because it means Disney flat out expects Star Wars to sell whether it’s good or bad. So when Solo flopped they refused to acknowledge quality as being a reason. No, it had to be saturation. The Marvel guys were probably snickering at the Disney conference table when Read more

12:47 PM

Yeah man, even I was wondering who that is. The camera panned on him for a few seconds more than it should have for a side-character.

10:59 AM

Carol’s never been good enough to wield Mjolnir in the comics if I recall..while Cap has, frequently. Cap’s a sincerely good guy who’s the best of us in the comics. While the movie version of Carol is a lot better and nicer than the comic book version, she’s frequently been the most problematic Avenger, taking Read more

8:43 AM

Yup, Harley Keener and what’s the bet the clanging at the end is a sign he might be the future Iron Man - Tony Stark did send him a lot of tinkering gear...

3:13 AM

The gesture from Strange was 1 finger. It was his confirmation that this was the 1 in 14 million, not him moving the stones. It was his signal to Tony to give it his all. Basically sending him to his death with the promise that it’s worth it because this was the reality that would work.

3:09 AM

Given how homework-level Ant-Man 2 and Captain Marvel were, the thought came across my mind, too. But I have faith in what we witnessed so far :) lessee. Read more

12:21 AM

He need to gave it back to Asgard. Otherwise London will be destroyed by Doctor Who.

12:15 AM

> Also got the bittersweet feeling that the MCU has now peaked
Me too.

6:11 PM

What about all that talk about how Gamora was really trapped inside the Soul Stone, and we’d see her again.  Amounted to nothing.

3:01 PM

In Winter Soldier, we learned that Peggy married after Steve disappeared (a man that Steve actually saved)... So, by going back in time to be with Peggy, Steve just pulled the ultimate ‘Dick Move’, stealing another Bro’s girl.