I think I’m in the minority of people for whom this works. Not super well - I doesn’t do anything if I have a head cold, but due to chronic allergies, I suffer sleep congestion, and I have found that this is the only thing that I can take regularly that allows me to sleep through the night. (Sometimes, I wake up in Read more

Why do you think that idiot Musk is so fixated on Mars? Read more

There will be reasonably safe and habitable places on Earth for millenia. Read more

How are Detroit and Columbus on this list but not Chicago or Milwaukee? Seems kinda weird... I just looked at the source article...and fucking wow...great fucking just decided to pick and choose which cities you wanted to highlight for some reason...Denver is number one, so idk why you chose Read more

Everyone is different, so maybe its just not your thing. It’s also possible you tried the wrong shape. Mostly, you gotta do what works for you.  Read more

Ice packs will get you a full pat down for international travels. Yes, you will get to keep them after, but they test you and everything  Read more

Disagree. 9/11 attacks were foiled by passengers literally ON 9/11. The hijackers of the fourth plane had already gained control of the plane unfortunately when the passengers realized what they intended to do. It ended tragically, but was not a “success” for the terrorists.
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I can only imagine that “gifts” in this context means things in gift wrapping, which would be helpful to clarify here. And my approach to that, developed through years of holiday travel, is not to pack gifts in wrapping at all.
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And also write to politicians telling them to force TSA to be less ridiculous and expensive. These dumb and expensive measures aren’t keeping anyone safe. Read more

Send this bag through the screener machine first and hopefully by the time the family is through the checkpoint and has everything collected and put back together except that bag, TSA is done with the extra screening on it.
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Also, get TSA pre-check. If the adults have it, they can bring all of their 12 and under children with them. Not have to take out liquids or laptops. Not have to take off shoes. Best $20/year you can spend.
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This is NOT a vaccine. Monoclonal antibody and vaccine are not the same thing. Read more

Agreed. But if you’re not unconditionally pro big Pharma these days, that automatically makes you an “anti-vax conspiracy theorist.” I had another account of mine on LifeHacker banned for posting covid “misinformation” that is now begrudgingly accepted as true by the BlueAnon left. Read more

LOL, I forgot we were talking about SAG here. Sorry! I do support them too, but my statements above are less applicable in that case. Although I would say the fact it’s a job where employers can legally consider age and appearance differentiates it from most hourly or salaried jobs and supports the notion of residuals Read more

So not “literally every other job,” just the vast majority of other jobs.
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Two potentially confounding variables are that well paying jobs may also be more inherently satisfying, and, to ascend to position that is well compensated often (not always) requires one be good at their job which itself is satisfying. Read more

I’ll throw in my two cents about Happiness because I think data is not the problem, language is. Read more

Doubling down on the used car thing? That advice is not “a simple fact” with today’s used car prices. With many popular, reliable cars today you’ll only be saving $2-3k to give up a couple years of warranty and 20-30k miles. Used car prices are nuts right now. This was ok advice 5+ years ago, but times change. Read more

I’ve heard a lot of similar comments, and my response is that it’s always been natural for newborns to die of any number of causes. I’m very glad we live in an age where we can expect our children to survive to adulthood.  Read more