My Name Breaks the Rules
Nov 5 2016

There is a troll posting graphic and violent images. Please skip the flagging (which will not do anything) and report it via email (comment form) via the link below (click on “email us”). Please keep bumping this post to the top if you can, and repost in other threads as necessary:
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Nov 2 2016

“This one tells us that kidnapping, Stockholm syndrome and bestiality are all just fine, as long as the girl finds love in the end.” Read more

Oct 31 2016

She was. And she was only like...20? Right? I remember she was very young and he was not. I also think that marriage fucked with her head something fierce.

Oct 31 2016

Well, yeah, but waiting when you are a teenager virgin versus waiting when you are a multiple-times divorcee in your 40s are different decisions...

Oct 21 2016

I have truly never understood the appeal of dead baby jokes. And not in the “oh that’s morbid” way, because I make some pretty horrifying jokes about child prostitutes and the like, it’s just that the dead baby jokes never seemed...funny? Like the humor is supposed to be that it’s shocking but it’s not? I don’t get Read more

Oct 21 2016

Gaga’s answer is totally legit: they are very different kinds of pop stars. Gaga is an actual musician and Madonna is a performer/entertainer. Gaga writes her own stuff while Madonna dances her butt off. People have opinions about whether one approach is more legit than the other (if either) just like they have Read more

Oct 18 2016

That happened to me when I won a met and greet with Tiesto from Heineken. To be fair, he was surrounded by a gang of beautiful women, so meeting a male fan was probably not on his top 100 things to do before a show. After feeling like a shmuck, I just left, didn’t bother to stay for the show. Especially since Heineken Read more

Oct 17 2016

She’s suggesting that her husband can’t stand up to peer pressure from Billy Bush. That might be more damning than the misogyny.

Oct 17 2016

Physician’s Formula is the only one I’ve ever found that doesn’t make my eyelids swell up for five days like I’ve been stung by a bee.

Physician’s Formula is the only one I’ve ever found that doesn’t make my eyelids swell up for five days like I’ve

Oct 12 2016

When this went down last year, we had a faculty member go on an extended work-email diatribe about how disgusting it was that a man was using the womens’ restroom (she was a transgender student presenting as female). He was reported to the appropriate authorities and chastised, but continued to rant about it in his Read more