My Name Breaks the Rules
5:09 PM

Did this with both my girls. Oldest got hers done at age 8, youngest decided that’s when she’d get hers done too (we just had hers done over mother’s day weekend). Reputable piercing places look like a doctor’s office, and are probably cleaner. Read more

10:48 AM

Oh that’s fair, I agree. But at least one source (Rolling Stone, I think?) said that he was her first and, a considerable amount of time post divorce, still the only one. So I’m extrapolating from that.

4:44 PM

No you’re not. Same thing. Never even thought they were funny when I was a kid. I’d always ask other kids why they were supposed to be so hilarious.

6:40 PM

I’m reminded of a story I once heard from a Canadian singer songwriter named Emm Gryner. She toured with Bowie as a backup singer during the late 90s/early 2000s. One evening she found herself at some fairly happening party attended by a bunch of famous musicians. She was really psyched to meet Joe Elliott, lead Read more

6:17 PM

Agreed. I had only the vaguest notion of who OJ Simpson was before the murders. I was in high school and university during the 1990s, and somewhat into fashion. I most definitely knew who Gianni Versace was before he was murdered. I even did a school project on him in 1993, which was when he was a huuuge deal.

6:20 PM

Seriously. Doesn’t anyone fucking learn? It’s not like examples of fucked up former child stars are hard to find.

6:15 PM

I did too, and my partner supported her way through much of university climbing up the ladder at one and we both observed a very prevalent culture of twenty and thirty something male managers with high school age girlfriends who worked there. It was rampant. It seemed a bit off to me back them, but now that I’ve been Read more

1:05 PM

Even if the media approached her for a comment as a breast cancer survivor, it seems to me the tactful response is some variation of, “her body, her choice - not mine to discuss”. The fact that she didn’t do that certainly gives one pause as to her character.

10:39 AM

Yes. I was going to chime in and remind readers that Melissa Etheridge made her feelings about Angelina very clear a few years ago when she publicly criticized her preventative mastectomy like it was any of her business whatsoever. Given her past with Brad and Jennifer, it came across as extremely transparent. Read more

2:14 PM

You’re right; and he so clearly wanted them to get angry and violent so it’s delicious that no one even raised their voice. Then the cops calmly show up and unmask and arrest him amidst peals of laughter.

12:05 PM

But the glorious part is that they didn’t even yell at him. To show the video that’s been taken would prove the absolute opposite. It’s brilliant.

12:02 PM

And the beauty of it was that they did no such thing. In fact, in the longer video that’s been posted in the comments, they just laugh at him when the cops show up and unmask him.

11:59 AM

He’ll try and say the gorilla thing was just a coincidence - he didn’t mean to be racist. Like that school that planned a special Black History Month lunch menu with fried chicken and watermelon.