Kay Inoue
Nov 30 2015

Every reporter should know by now that invoking “feelings” or “emotions” around the Belichick AI brings it one step closer to sterilizing the Earth of biological imperfections.

Nov 25 2015

So glad to see how this turned out, Jason is a stand up guy and his car was immaculate prior to this, met him on my occasions and can attest to his character. Read more

Nov 18 2015

Thank you, Mr. Shiro Nakamura, for your Q&A time here today, and congratulations on COTD! I would like to add a 350Z to your car collection. This lovely lady will deliver it as soon as she finds her driving shoes.

Sep 16 2015

I’ve been saving up for one for the past 6 months. My girlfriend and all of my friends are sick of hearing me talk about it. It will be mine and it will be a great day.

Aug 14 2015

6MT Club with Brembo/BBS package in Meteor Grey Mica, please

Aug 9 2015

It’s 2:26 here in Michigan, but screw it, I love watching that GoodSmile Hatsune Miku SLS race.

Aug 6 2015

Clearly you are not familiar with the actual greatest Jalopnik shirt of all time.

Aug 4 2015

Definitely agree with #1! As a female, I personally may not know much about cars, but I definitely appreciate them and love watching them. Seeing a car I really like makes me giddy whether it’s a STI or P1 Gtr. Also the sound of a great exhaust is like heaven! (ooo nice car, window down, hoping to not be let down by Read more

Aug 4 2015

I think it starts by being inclusive in online forums and groups. On most enthusiast forums I've seen, female members are harassed and denigrated regularly.

Aug 4 2015

Re: Women in Car Culture- 5 minutes on Bimmerpost will display that while there are many, many women in the hobby, a lot of them keep a low profile due to abusive, sexist men in the hobby. Being active in car culture just isn’t worth being called a “cunt”, and being threatened with rape every time you post. Read more