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like we have bodegas, they just don’t have delis like the ones in new york. BUT there are cheap, delicious breakfast sandwiches to be had all over! not even just at bagel places. new course catering and family dinette in judiciary square, so’s your mom in admo, le caprice in columbia heights... Read more

i’m really hoping they’ll continue the trend of the F&F movies where the villain in the previous movie joins our plucky band of heroes in the next movie so that hobbs and shaw 2 will be the rock, statham, and elba fighting a new hot villain Read more

oooh if you haven’t already, you should watch the rebooted one day at a time. so many feelings! very special episodes! justina machado (and sometimes judy reyes)! Read more

in addition to his recent beef with drake, which another commenter mentioned, he also started selling “his own” video game consoles that were really just chinese knockoffs that came pre-loaded with a bunch of games for which he did not have licenses. at one point, if you went to his console website, you got redirected Read more

last week my friend and i took a long journey into past days storylines for another friend who had never watched and it was glorious and of course included the aniston paterfamilias fun fact Read more

um, hello, what is space crime and is there a newsletter Read more

in this context, coyotes are people who smuggle migrants across the border. source: dexter (the tv show). Read more

in my experience, apple bottoms had butt room but couldn’t seem to grasp the concept that big booties may also come with big thighs so they were a no go. baby phat did a pretty good job, as did enyce. this has a been a dispatch from big bootyland. Read more

when you find out, pls let me know Read more

con man, 100 percent. with enough money and protection and dirt on tom cruise to be super protected. Read more

doubt it. definitely not until/unless miscavige dies.
Read more

ooh, mine is good: aaliyah (r.i.p.), lin manuel miranda, dian fossey, susan sontag, john carpenter, ethel merman, and motherfucking SADE Read more

performers have to pay the NFL? you learn something new every day. Read more

oooorrr maybe they were two separate people and she was dealing with her own shit like the bombing at her concert and ending a relationship with an addict. but sure, she totally exploited him. Read more

um, excuse YOU but billy baldwin was in gossip girl and dirty sexy money Read more

i have never listened to lana del rey’s music but now i don’t need to because of crissle’s always incisive takes Read more

don’t forget pizza underground Read more