Shardik The Man Bear
Oct 12

Why are you surprised? Isn’t finding bugs exactly what betta testing is for?

Oct 9

What’s even creepier is that since my brothers and I hung around with the neighborhood kids, and there were 10 kids in the family (the murdering son being the youngest) we may have hung out with them.

Oct 8

Dear folks that are worried their comments will never be seen, I am reading them and I am sure folks like me are reading them too. I truly appreciate all of your stories and they genuinely scare me. Your efforts are not for nothing, YOUR RANDOM STORIES ARE MY FAVOURITE. Thank you! Keep it up. With much love, me. And Read more

Jun 24

The amount of ads in this article (and in general) is asinine. At least, on mobile anyways. Here I am, on my phone, wanting to read this article, and you AUTO-PLAY a video of you guys playing The Last of Us Part 2 and this video gets STICKIED to the top of my phone's browser. So, despite me scrolling, the video stays Read more

Feb 24

I don’t care about the hot dogs, I’m going to miss shaving years off of my life with a Chicken Bake: basically a massive hot pocket filled with chicken, bacon, cheese... and ranch dressing.

Jan 8

Yo, call a spade a spade. You mention up there “there’s porn of academy” - there’s porn of all her skins, I don’t even need to go and look, I guarantee it, rule 34. Default skin, that bee skin, every skin. They exist somewhere, on some deviantart or booru. Weak point.

Dec 4


(my dude, I play games for a living. do you think I struggle with this or do you think I’m writing for the 9-5'ers who can’t devote their time to games like you or me?)

Nov 20 2019

A-freaking-men to all of this. I am having a blast in Galar and GameFreak did an excellent job. It feels fresh and and exciting to roam through the Wild Area, seeing all those little ‘mons just hanging about, waiting to chase me as I ride past. 

Nov 18 2019

yeah there are plenty of actors and actresses I dislike but I don’t even want to boo them let alone send them death threats.

Nov 18 2019

It’s a different culture, sadly it’s a pretty common occurrence that you can find women in entertainment positions be disgraced and removed from their positions for the following...

— Dating
— Losing their virginity
— Getting Married
— Kissing a person
— Not signing something obviously covered in human bodily fluids

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