Shardik The Man Bear
3/22/21 12:05PM

We get those in our town most of the week in indiana, its bizarre how long the lines are, its a 20 minute drive to the next town’s CFA and I bet you could drive get it and come back in the time it takes at the truck. Meanwhile the local trucks look empty. Eat local folks.

10/26/20 9:32AM

How is nobody talking about the new dark pictures game? It's a pseudo sequel to until dawn and is coming out just in time for Halloween!

10/15/20 6:28PM

Have they said if PS5 would support our PS1 classics purchases yet? I bought a bunch for my psp and vita and no ps4 support has been a big thorn in my side.

10/10/20 1:10PM

Sort by new is the way to go lol. I missed it the first few days and had a hellacious time getting to new stuff.

10/08/20 10:24AM

Thank you! At least they could do the bare minimum of starting off with a sentence about how they never shared or tried to share last time to set the mood. Plus some people are posting multiple stories that seem to be of completely different people.

10/08/20 10:20AM

I feel like I'd assume that guy was jerking you around on that story. Just too convenient for him to know. But you would would know him better.

10/06/20 9:20PM

Oh yeah same as the one about the Indian funeral the year before, they both read like the way goosebumps characters would talk and not real people.

8/14/20 9:56AM

Ahhh I remember popping my MegaMan 8 PS1 disc into the CD player to jam to this. Always thought that was so cool.

8/08/20 10:01AM

I love the premium bloodborne one. It's a window into the Hunter's dream while the doll just kinda does different stuff, while the music is the haunting baroque that I love.

7/13/20 3:49PM

Same, I won’t buy another mouse without that keypad, if only for wow or FFXIV. Such a quality of life.

6/22/20 8:08PM

Same, the life ending dilemma of more turtles in time or going to eat the pizza you'd been waiting for all day. Miss it.

6/11/20 5:21PM

I hope they change carry weight so I can horde all the armor, hated having non equipped gear weigh me down.

5/12/20 1:43PM

Oh good a list, I can bitch about omissions. No MegaMan battle networks is heresy. The best action card battle rpg ever devised.