Shannon Perry
Oct 14 2014

The original tattoo was a bad translation of something that kind of meant something like "Fresh Life"—a terrible and inaccurate translation—done by someone who is unfamiliar with the language in the first place. She got it when she was 19 years old in Vegas. I don't think either party was paying attention to the Read more

Oct 14 2014

No, she is a close friend of mine, and we had talked about the cover-up for months. Please see my main reply for details.

Oct 14 2014

For the record, this was not a walk-in. This is a good friend of mine, and we had been talking about the cover-up for months. The "I'm sorry" idea was hers. Initially, we had a few other ideas of stupid things to have pointing at the original tattoo, which she got when she was 18, and wasn't thinking about the Read more