Jan 2 2016

Harris videos in a nutshell are him complaining about things that make the car good 99% of the use time (“Too predictable”? “Too much grip”? “Not enough turbo lag”? GTFO!) while putting out overproduced videos about how shit that is fun for half an hour around the track yet super annoying and/or life-threatening in Read more

Dec 30 2015

Ah yes, finally, some more of that famous Parente insight. Been waiting for this ever since Shakedown disappeared. Looking forward to it!

Dec 29 2015

I have been watching your stuff ever since your show on /Drive. It is good to see that you have found a place to write pieces and I hope that they get featured on the more major Jalopnik pages.

Aug 23 2015

The same thing you told us: two tiers of flavor: something light and sweet to get the fair-weathered customers in. Then dunno a rich dessert on their asses - one that’s prepared right in front of them so they can see all the details...

Aug 11 2015

Bring it on. Don’t just want the main course. I’ll have the starter and desert too please.

Jun 23 2015

What you should really say is that Honda/Acura paid a company (Real Time) to create a bespoke partially tube frame chassis, with various parts most of which are not found in the road car. They let you drive it, and you expect me to still label it an Acura... you’re joking right? The R8, Ferrari, and other WC cars are Read more

May 22 2015

Surprisingly BMW knows how to make a clamshell hood.

Feb 13 2015

At the same time as the rubber bumpers, MG's had their ride height raised in order to meet headlight height regulations. Much of what's wrong with rubber-bumper MG's can be fixed by simply lowering them to their previous ride height.

Feb 2 2015

Oh yeah. That. Sorry, not much of a gamer.

Jan 31 2015

It will be even better. The Kid will go from womb to Forza to P1.

Jan 11 2015

Since you mentioned the Nucleon and SuperVans....the '60s Econoline was practically a mid-engine design, with the engine between/behind the front seats.