Oct 5 2016

Unlike Henry II [the one that fixed Ford and 1st took them to Le Mans], this Ford is apparently comfortable being a spin-pussy. And the Deuce is now spinning in his grave. wtf? — Starting to believe in the premise - “I like a car brand until I meet the people running the company. Thank God, I know no one from Jaguar.”

Jul 27 2016

He got fired by old /drive ‘mgt’ team. So, he missed all the stupidity that ensued.

Jul 27 2016

And I thought spinelli was over there managing things.

Jun 9 2016

I suggest you TOE the brake for maximum sensitivity and threshold braking control and HEEL the gas because all you need is an approximate rev-match. Rapha, didn’t read the whole article..... So, good luck with whatever you are doing!

Jan 20 2016

At one point, my Toyota company car was a Gen4 Cressida, 1991-ish.

Aug 22 2015

This article and its comments are a great example of why it’s a waste of this to discuss auto racing.

Jun 30 2015

Well done, Robb. It is easy to be a fan....... of intelligent, factual, and grounded discourse regarding motorsport....... especially when it includes the ‘Ring and car flying off its grounds. Read more

Jun 29 2015

Was there standing water? I think your assessment of the grip on the dry v rain line and driver skills had the most to do with the spins? The eventual winner went around the outside and got through, the red-nosed pole-sitter and ‘Mexico’ stuck to the inside and ended up in exactly the same place off-track. The others? Read more

Jun 12 2015

Maybe. No. No. Yes [GTE on their own. NSX GT....E or 3]. Maybe [Will watch Ford, will upgrade Labre if needed]. No. NO [Marko’s pipe-dream]. NO [Sergio is NOT a racing fan]. Read more

May 23 2015

So, happy to read how narrow-minded the ‘car purists’ are about this wide-track design exercise / ‘desecration’!! Suppose we need to next discuss round tail-lights and Corvette?

Apr 4 2015

AND I’ve been told [because you know I asked!] the Jalopnik channel will NOT be a collaboration enterprise [eg; not the frustratingly over-managed J on /D?]. Read more