11/29/18 4:56PM

Yeah.... HOLY FUCK THIS. I hated GTA online and I’m sure I’ll dislike this too. Keep me on the single player side of things and I’ll be fine.

9/21/18 1:02PM

Same. Sell it as an art book. I’ll add it next to world of Ice and fire.

8/31/18 1:09PM

How about SCRUM - hardcore survival game? Game could have a really whiny NPC as a product owner that would get super passive aggressive during retrospectives. How many sprints can you take before reverting back to anarchy?  

11/07/17 1:40PM

Good. The Richard Spencer/Charles Murray/Breitbart type of racist wants desperately to be cool. Their entire modus operandi is trying to rebrand the image of “racist” from toothless hick into cool pop culture leader. (These guys are all either failed comics, screenwriters, or academics). They want to be Stephen Read more

9/01/17 11:33AM

Quashing a hateful article about you when you have the means to do so, on your own platform, is evil? Read more

9/01/17 5:57AM

First of all, there are infinite genders, and it don’t matter if you can or will get used to it. And the more you gripe about it, the more genders will pop up in the meantime. So sorry. So, so sorry.

8/03/17 3:57PM

I feel like speaking about the Christmas truce as though it were some game theory bullshit fails to appreciate the actual reasons it occurred. The war wasn’t popular at all. When it first broke out, there was a popular sentiment that, given the powers involved and the history of wars of the prior 4-5 decades (the Read more

8/03/17 3:54PM

No, they wouldn’t (at least not in the original experiment). Cheating has zero loss; you’re effectively not playing the game at all, except if the other person does play the game you win.

4/26/17 5:25PM

Hey. This is the Tom Lipschultz in question. As a general comment, I’d like to suggest that people read the entire discussion on our forums before forming any sort of judgment here. Read more

1/05/15 7:55PM

I'm actually bouncing up and down in my chair with excitement that I can post this as a relevant reply to something.