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I love Ang Lee and I look forward to this. Though there has already been a movie about an older, famous actor versus his younger, cgi de-aged self:

I don’t think any actor would feel completely “right”, which is inevitable when translating a story from one medium to another. There would be no point in making a copy of a perfectly good existing series. I believe the creators intentionally left ethnicity ambiguous with all the characters (except for Faye) as part Read more

There were many. Pam Grier in a few movies in the 70s (Coffy being my favourite) and there were more than a few women in Japan who frequently kicked ass in film like Meiko Kaji and Reiko Ike. Before Barbarella Jane Fonda was slightly more assertive in Cat Ballou in 1965 but there were more genuinely kick ass ladies in Read more

I love the Dahomey Amazons and I wish there were more depictions of them. There’s a Werner Herzog movie called Cobra Verde that features Dahomey’s female militia in the 19th century but they’re not really the focus of the film. A really informative book on Dahomey is Wives of the Leopard by Edna Bay and I recommend it Read more

I like Black Widow’s Vito Corleone cheeks. Read more

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It’s worth mentioning that Moffat made it abundantly clear in 2015 he wants to see a female Doctor (starting at 33:50 in the video):

If the show had an Irish companion, it would be a huge deal. The show has avoided Irish characters since its inception. Considering the historically touchy relationship Britain and Ireland have had, it would be a lovely piece of inclusion. And as with a gay character, the inclusion would be remarkable for the minimal Read more

Good video and I’ve always thought Roger Rabbit’s technical achievements are vastly underappreciated. The DVD commentary is a good thing to listen to, Zemekis talks about the extraordinary number of animators that had to be employed to get all those hand painted cells of animation. Read more

I wonder if they’ll hire some female writers next season. Clone Wars had already had four in its first two seasons. Maybe that’s why Ahsoka felt like a fifth wheel all season. Read more

As you say, it does go back to film noir, you can see it in Kiss Me Deadly certainly. But I think it really really got underway with Yojimbo. The whole movie, Sanjuro is so confident and skilled he’s almost like a force of nature and then he gets completely owned by some thugs. The tension it gives to the finale is Read more

He really looks better with the long hair anyway, that contract’s doing him a favour. Read more

Are all the misspellings in the original? I suppose "In my heard" is "In my head". Entertaining little story in any case. Read more

A lot of people for some reason also fail to mention the constellation Andromeda was in a position more favourable to sexism when the Spider-Woman cover was made public than it was for the Spider-Man cover. Those are the same people you can't even talk to about Nostradamus' foretelling of the sexist Spider-Woman cover. Read more

Chess. You can start anywhere, the fundamentals of logic intrinsic to the game are elegant and exciting to novices and the experiences alike. Just nine different kinds of pieces yet so many possibilities. I've been playing since I was a kid and I don't think I've gotten much better. It's great.

This article ends up reinforcing my impression that Stoker based his Dracula on Vlad to exactly the extent I thought he did before. Read more

Contained are several films that examine human existence and reward endless repeat viewings.

John Falstaff. More for his appearances in Henry IV parts 1 and 2 than for The Merry Wives of Windsor. But either way, this sometime footpad and full time drunkard is easily cooler than any Hal or Hotspur.

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Vertigo. The first time you watch it, Scottie's the voyeur in the first part of the film. In later viewings, Judy is the voyeur in the same scenes, particularly when she's "unconscious" while he rescues her and takes her clothes off.

Ingrid Pitt in The Vampire Lovers. For second place I'd also nominate Conrad Veidt in The Thief of Bagdad.

It sounds like she keeps saying, "Wow . . . WOW . . . wow . . . wow . . ." Read more