Friday 11:46AM

Well yeah, I’m saying the concept is sound, not the likely execution.

Thursday 6:32PM

That actually sounds like a pretty reasonable combination of flavors.

Thursday 6:30PM

I mean, if the choice is between “insincere apology” or “idiotic doubling-down” I tend to prefer the latter because at least it’s honest, but ideally it’s nice to pretend “genuine apology and actual growth” aren’t off the table. Read more

Thursday 6:24PM

Came here for the dunking on Kid Rock, stayed for the adorable gay meet-cute.

Wednesday 3:23PM

Not compared to professionals who specialize in those positions, but at least most of the actors I’ve worked with have a working understanding of various lenses (helps for knowing when you’re in and out of the frame), lighting (it’s hard not to learn something about lighting given all the attention paid to it on set Read more

Wednesday 1:05PM

You know, I really shouldn’t be surprised.

Wednesday 11:51AM

there is no simple message if you are switching it up all the time, and not even attempting to be truthful about it. Read more

Wednesday 11:23AM

If you have a better explanation for why Rogan would jump from Bernie to Trump then I’d love to hear it because it sure as shit can’t be policy-oriented.

Wednesday 11:19AM

Trump lies continuously, so I’m not sure how anybody could say he delivers a “simple message”.
Read more

Wednesday 11:02AM

Rogan’s got the stupid but not the huckster. Alex Jones is closer to being Men’s Goop IMO.

Wednesday 10:30AM

Bernie and Trump are both populists with simple messages and a general air of saying what they want regardless of what “the establishment” thinks. For a certain breed of “I don’t care about politics” dope who couldn’t tell you the first thing about policy outside of their positions on cannabis legalization, that made Read more

Wednesday 1:30AM

Also, I found the contrast between the ostensibly shabby DIY production and the actual, very polished result kind of jarring, diluting some of the authenticity for me. Read more

Wednesday 1:20AM

It’s an essay / analysis, not a review, which is why it’s not under the reviews section.

Wednesday 1:16AM

Some authors here have definitely disappeared up their own asses and the tabloid feel of the place has been getting stronger and stronger (and god knows I’ve been ranting about it), but I don’t think it’s possible to write an analysis of Bo Burnham’s Inside without talking about the intersection between anything-goes Read more

Wednesday 1:02AM

I’m going to be honest, “just take the L” and “all you had to do was swallow your fucking pride and PERFORM a little” are pretty creepy attitudes to have and sound remarkably like open gaslighting. “Sure, we know this is overblown, but if you just give us what we want we’ll go away.” You’re not even pretending to ask Read more

Tuesday 11:42PM

It also doesn’t help that she said in her “Masks Off” video that she wasn’t going to apologize because apologizing is “a form of control”. That just raised a lot of red flags because, ignoring the Raya tweet, that just indicates she has little interest in self reflecting on her own biases. Read more

Tuesday 10:55PM

To fend off the expected responses: Yes, the original reporting on this was terrible. Read more

Tuesday 8:50AM

There is a public service in exposing the racist roots of so many parts of America, so using a celebrity to reveal a tiny, tiny corner of it helps - no one would care if someone just said ‘hey the south has this one weird racist ball’. Bringing it up, having her talk about it as someone who participated, and her Read more