Apr 10 2018

Please cut this racist nonsense out. Statistically speaking Asian-American drivers are safer drivers than drivers of other ethnicities, and their insurance rates back it up. I saw an elderly lady drive the wrong way down a one way street in town the other day with two wheels on the median and the other two in the Read more

Mar 22 2018

God, the headlines about this terrorist are driving me nuts. This one in particular: Read more

Feb 25 2018

Counterpoint: M Parallels = boring

Feb 16 2018

This is the not-so-subtle Porsche-jab #COTD.

Jan 30 2018

The mega-douchebag demographic has been saturated. Good riddance.

Jan 29 2018

Topham hat is a cruel master

Jan 25 2018

You don’t want to talk about the torque because it would shut down whatever point you’re trying to make :P

Jan 25 2018

It was also rated 385 ft/lb of torque, your S2000 was rated at 162. Read more

Jan 23 2018

When the building gets down to only one it will have to shout “Uno!”. Read more

Jan 19 2018

You’re not wrong.

Jan 17 2018

Less than five years ago I was thinking it might be time to break down and buy my first BMW. Now my goal is to never buy one in this lifetime.

Jan 17 2018

You can make cars have more power than stock? I dunno man

Jan 4 2018

Nice Car, Crack Price.

Jan 3 2018

The transmission, unless it’s doing work, isn’t going to get to to operating temperatures quickly. Don’t abuse the power train upon startup, take things easy, and your engine and transmission will warm up quickly, more fuel efficiently, with less gasline getting past rings and into the crank case and all without harm. Read more

Jan 3 2018

This rally performance driving school warms up their cars before use, yeah I don’t abuse my cars while they’re still getting up to operating temp either.

If you drive POS 50 year old VW & Renault, sure warm your junk up on the rare occasion it works. If you drive a modern car, stop wasting time, fuel & making theft Read more