Unspiek Baron Bodissey

Predictions have a down side - 4 years ago they predicted a landslide win for Hillary so people got complacent and didn’t go out to vote, and you see where that got us. Read more

Aug 3

So much supremacy. I’m getting tired of all the supremacy. Can’t even go out to eat now without some big-bellied, stick’n’poke, sweaty-assed mud-butt shaking his acorn in peoples’ faces. They call it supreme and it don’t even come with sour cream. It is just mayo. Lord, lord. This is the best you got? This guy and Read more

Aug 1

When I was your age, we had to jerk off with rotary phones. And just a few generations ago, if you wanted to jerk off, you had to go wait in line at the telegram office. 

Jul 31

Combined with the surfactant properties of the bile I would bet this combo is what disrupts the formation and adhesion of biofilm colonies. 

Jul 30

You know what, fuck it, just straight fuck it. I’m sick as shit and can hardly breathe without an inhaler right now. I go get a COVID test in a few hours that I already know will be positive. I hope all these scumbags catch it and are at least as miserable as my ass is right now. Had to wait four goddamn days to even Read more

Jul 29

Same here. I’m in the black on Jalopnik and have about a billion posts over there, but here I am less worthy than the OP fuckwad.

Jul 29

Blows my mind that I’m stuck in greys on all of these platforms after years of using Kinja and this fuckwad you respond to immediately gets a free pass to spout nonsense.

Jul 27

Such a tough and manly President. Nothing says toughness like bitching about what's trending on Twitter. It's not fair!

Jul 27

Mars is already covered in regolith though, so the fungi has to be easy to care for and incorporate into the structure to be more appealing than just building your habitat underground. Sounds like an innovative technique though, more options are rarely a bad thing.

Jul 25

Trash. Everything after Frank Herbert is trash. Just ignore it. Just like this will be trash.

Jul 24

My guess is that they’re here to talk to the dolphins.

Jul 21

I’m not a full bottle on these but my understanding is systems like Qualcomms INOV algorithm are able to take over certain BMS functions on the cell packs. This is because they need to optimize the voltage and amperage delivered per cell in spit streams to maximize the charge rate. A higher voltage, lower amperage Read more