Unspiek Baron Bodissey
Nov 25

Soon Giuliani will be citing it as evidence of alien interference in the elections.

Nov 25

eternal life at this point doesn’t seem like much of a benefit, i’ll go for the molecular disassembly. 

Nov 25

It’s literally stated right in the article that they’re planning long-term for when the vaccine is more widely available. They're not stealing doses from the elderly in the middle of the night ffs... 

Nov 23

Always glad to see a standard size used instead of custom shaped battery packs for every different model. Read more

Nov 22

I find that unless the studio really butchered something at or near the end of the process (Blade Runner), it’s pretty rare that a re-edit tremendously improves on the original version. More often, directors just get in their own heads about it and sometimes end up hurting what made the movie good in the first place. Read more

Nov 22

It’s only one guy. By his own admission, he is such a terrible poster that he has to pretend to be Lizardo to get ungrayed. Read more

Nov 22

It’s just one dude who has no real life and nothing to do other then pretend to be a long time, well known commenter and attempt to drag his name though the mud. Read more

Nov 19

I just needed the title and the fact that it exists to make the point that sapiens are horrible and dolphins. Rapey bastards.