Unspiek Baron Bodissey
Nov 26

Isn’t it universal by now? My base-model Ford Fiesta’s infocenter does tell which door or if the trunk is open as well as tell you what lamp is blown if it’s the case. The car also has the hill assist feature and boy that comes in handy. Kinda surprised that the base model included the feature.

Nov 26

I gotta know. Back in my days of technical stupor I had to disassemble PCs because some users stuck the boot floppy disk in the slit between the A: and B: drives. Read more

Nov 25

This one is shiny and triangular, unlike the other one which is black and square. I think it’s another race of aliens playing mind tricks with the Monolith’s builders.

Nov 24

The freezers won’t set Ford back that much money — Reuters says they typically cost up to $15,000 each, or up to $180,000 for a dozen of them, which is pocket change for a company like Ford — Read more

Nov 23

A director’s cut of a sequel? One that is already another movie away from the original? If Coppola and Puzo hadn’t stitched in their (amply debunked) conspiracy theory about the late Pope John Paul I and the Marcinkus affair The last Godfather’s irrelevancy would have been absolute. Read more

Nov 22

Just finished watching Apocalypse Redux and no, no great improvement, or at all. Curiously I watched back to back two movies with the late R. Lee Ermey (as a prison guard in Naked Gun 33 1/3 and in Apocalypse Now as a helicopter pilot).