Yesterday 10:10PM

You’ll probably want to copy/paste that onto the Boba Fett story. You’ve been Kinja’d!

Yesterday 3:50PM

Somewhere in Heaven today there’s a Volkswagen without seat covers.

Yesterday 3:24PM

Herb Tarlek was a great character and he was perfect in the role. He was primarily a sleazy salesman clown, sure, but every now and then the story would call for Tarlek to be self-aware or even wallow in pathos and Bonner would bring it... He was a much better actor than you might expect.

Friday 1:58PM

This is the issue I have with almost all VPN networks that promise to “protect” me... how do I know that they’re actually doing that? And just how do I know who’s running them in the first place? Read more

Friday 1:35PM

Aaaand now Google is going to suspend the adsense accounts for those pages due to “potentially fraudulent ad clicking”. Good job guys.

Friday 11:53AM

The problem is that there’s nothing so sophisticated or expensive about secure communications networks that major syndicates couldn’t set up *their own* encrypted network. They’re just taking the shortcut of letting someone else build and manage it for them. They’ll realize the flaw with that approach and move Read more

Thursday 9:58AM

Collins may go home a bit flustered because she asked a line of questions Biden didn’t care for (for my money, I think he was justified but regardless), but she doesn’t have to worry that when she Postmates her dinner from her favorite takeout spot that the Ethiopian-Japanese Noodle Soup fusion dish she orders will Read more

Thursday 6:24AM

Honestly the most interesting thing I learned from the Biden/Kaitlan Collins thing is that she was the White House correspondent for right-wing blog The Daily Caller before landing at CNN. 👀 Ok Kaitlan. 

Wednesday 11:02PM

Not only did she put words in his mouth, she did so as he was walking away. If he didn’t come back and correct it, the reporting would be that he was afraid to justify his confidence. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions, but phrasing the questions to put words in the subject’s mouth is wrong. She could and Read more

Wednesday 10:56PM

While we’re talking false equivalency, can we note that Putin would gladly jail or “disappear” a journalist in his country, while Biden apologized to his during the same conference? Read more

Wednesday 8:12PM

Yep. Peter Doocy asked him about his “old friend” Xi Jingping and Biden witheringly said “Let’s get something straight — we know each other well, we’re not old friends. It’s just pure business.”

Wednesday 7:07PM

This take is incredibly disingenuous and the kind of thing that makes people distrust the media.

Wednesday 5:55PM

Meh, everyone gets grumpy and I imagine this whole trip was exhausting. I don’t think the testiness on Biden’s part, (or Putin’s evasiveness for that matter) was gender based at all. Putin is a dissembler and answers the way Trump used to. Biden was just tired and pissy from having to be diplomatic for hours on end Read more

Wednesday 5:33PM

I read that exchange between Biden and Collins completely differently. Her question DID assert an optimism that Putin would “behave” that she completely fabricated on her own and was never expressed by Biden. Read more