Yesterday 6:12PM

In the NYT comments one person wrote of an election where it wasn’t the best student by grade or the student with the most friends who won, but the person the class felt would be the best to speak for them. Read more

Yesterday 4:59PM

“It” ? Which “it”? The angry calls from people outside both families about what should be done about it is entirely from racism., both for and against it. Read more

Yesterday 3:08PM

The NYT stories says the additional grades made no difference either way. The ranking difference in weighted vs unweighted remained. 

Yesterday 3:05PM

I support the weighting and the original decision. The valedictorian should be the one who has accomplished the most academically and the originally named student did that. Same for the salutorian. Read more

Friday 7:59PM

I look at that link for the Pulitzer center and see, what, at least 2,000 hours of lessons and readings on the topic, some directly from CRT? I don’t know how many hours because they don’t say what they intended it to take or have experienced when teaching it, which I think is critical to lesson planning. Read more

Friday 10:54AM

It’s too bad the environmentalists don’t create similar programs. I think it’s because they don’t do a good job of dealing with economics and what changes individuals need to make to make a planet-wide change. Coal is simple because it is local - it’s a job for someone, it’s electricity for them; the consequences are Read more

Friday 9:11AM

China doesn’t want a military intervention. Hong Kong is home to a lot of wealthy and connected people. Storm into Hong Kong and the financial core of it will evaporate along with good will from everyone who has ties to it. Crimea was easy as a large Russian fraction were already living there and the external Read more

Friday 3:10AM

The twist for the entire Hunger Games series is this: the premise is that horrific people are entertained by watching cruelties among children. Which is rather close to what the readers and viewers are doing. Read more

Thursday 6:05PM

If you are in anything but a mud wattle hut made with your hands you are part of the problem. If you use any man-made products you are part of the problem. If the food you eat came from any farm you are part of the problem. Read more

Thursday 1:02AM

It allows for the potential, given that the perpetrator might have initially intended to scare or injure, that guaranteeing it will be treated as a successful murder will motivate them to go ahead and kill because it’s the same legal result. Read more

Wednesday 1:22AM

The worse thought is that people in entertainment are just a random sample from the general population who happen to have more people following them around and are more likely to get caught.