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Jul 28

I disagree. Trump is rarely humiliated because his narcissism and entourage keeps him in an insulated bubble. We perceive it as a humuliation, but he doesn’t. Read more

Jul 28

I really really don’t want a piece of Kanye, or the Kardashian/Jenners. Sorry but we’ve all got our own real life shit to get through. I guarantee that you could ask any person in this country and they could tell you that their spouse/parent/sibling/child/friend/coworker/neighbor/etc suffers from a mental illness or Read more

Jul 28

Stop giving this very unintelligent person attention. He’s aggressively stupid. He’s a racist. He serves a racist master in Trump. He has a massive ego with no self awareness whatsoever and making a few catchy songs does not warrant his belief that he’s a genius. He doesn’t read. He doesn’t think. He’s a prime example Read more

Jul 17

You should never use the term “spirit animal”. Not because of cultural appropriation but because it’s a basic-ass term used by basic-ass white women.

Jul 15

Every sane non-racist person calls out Trump and his followers incessantly. In the same way that we talk about Black Lives Matter and people come in with that “what about black on black crime” bullshit we can’t engage in the same whataboutism when people in our community mess up. Particularly when we’re trying to push Read more

Jul 11

Remember, all us old farts responding here lived through the “good old days.” I’ll wager there isn’t a single reply from anyone ejected into oncoming traffic/trees, impaled by the steering wheel/random sheet metal, or rolled over by the car your made a dozen rotations in.

Jul 8

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’ve been out of journalism for a few years, but the nature of this reporting is so unbelievably biased. Read more

Mar 30

So...are they comfirmed trump voters, anti-abortion or anti-LGBTQ? Just wondering why capping on these particular womens appearances is a-ok but capping on someone who say, sat their bare ass on a public chair in a stadium is not. Read more

Mar 25

This has already started - the hotspots in the US are cities so it is being blamed on Democrats who run those cities and foreigners. When it spreads to the rural areas (as it probably already has), the basis has been set for those folks to blame the city dwellers and foreigners who gave it to them - conveniently Read more

Mar 25

Thank you for being so rational about it! I don’t know how old she is, but I bet she’d love to video chat with you every day

Mar 25

My ex and I are states away from each other. Where am at, the shelves are devoid of soup, pasta, eggs, processed meats, anything instant and toilet paper. Where she's at, they've barely run out of flour. Hence, while it is time for my visitation, and I want to see our daughter so much, I think it is best for her to Read more

Mar 12

JFC, if you don’t like the guy’s policies just be honest about it. Nobody else up there was offering a platform like his. Kind of evidenced by the fact that he’s garnered nearly half of the votes in two primaries now and the only other remotely close to his message, Warren, was a non-factor. Read more

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