12:36 PM

Hubby and I were in Germany in September and were really hoping to be able to do a tour of the Monkey 47 distillery, but they only do it couple days per month and it just didn’t match up with our schedule. We were sad. :(

11:43 AM

The last time we waited in one of the “long” Tree House lines was one of the last times they released Good Morning, a week or two before Thanksgiving several years ago. Not sure they were even doing *any* canning at that point? Anyway we got in line about 1.5 hours before they opened on a Saturday, and I think were Read more

11:37 AM

We’ve been going to the area for so many years now (in-laws have a cottage south of Damariscotta) and I would honestly say that Red’s IS actually worth it.  It’s definitely my husband’s favorite lobster roll and it’s not like he has no experience with them.

3:04 PM

I’ve been to a Halloween wedding that specified “Masquerade Ball” as the dress code, and it worked just fine.  Basically the “Very Fancy” version of costume party.

2:44 PM

I know it’s not quite the topic at hand, but “$115 per adult for one park for one day, $110 per child”??  Why even bother with the Kids’ price at that point? 

4:31 PM

Most mice that have a scroll wheel will default to opening links in a new tab when you click them with the wheel. Even easier than ctrl-click.

1:12 PM

Our favorite bartender has been sober for 13 years, but she still is able to design a fantastic cocktail menu (with lots of research and feedback, of course). She’ll often recruit us to try the new drinks and beers so she knows how to describe them. (She’ll tell a random who asks “oh, I don’t drink, I’m allergic” but Read more

2:38 PM

What about, second breakfast *instead* of lunch?  Tie this into the “How Many Eggs is Too Many” article from the other day.

12:20 PM

I feel like I’ve seen drive-throughs recently where there’s a sign that says something like “in case of hearing or speech issues, please pull around to the first window where we will assist you” (but, well, phrased in the correct PC way). Shouldn’t this be standard practice? There are a LOT of reasons why someone Read more

1:41 PM

Would like to take the opportunity to plug my friend’s book for middle grade and young adult readers, about eating disorders and recovery. She herself had an eating disorder as a young adult so is writing from experience. She worked to find resources for boys, minorities, LGBT kids, etc. who aren’t the stereotypical Read more

3:03 PM

Does this mean people who are allergic to onions are just never going to be able to eat these?

1:08 PM

Pretty sure this is standard when one business acquires another. They get the assets but also the liabilities, including being responsible for any fines or penalties incurred by acquired company.

2:47 PM

I certainly don’t mind managers stopping at the table to ask how everything is, but for heaven’s sake they need to allow their employees to let it be a more natural encounter. DON’T require them to use my name. DON’T make them recite literally the same script every time, and DON’T make it obvious that the only reason Read more

10:21 AM

The most corporate, scripted restaurant chain of all the casuals that I’ve been to is Texas Roadhouse. We try to avoid it when possible but sometimes there’s just no other good option and they’re 3/4 of a mile away from our house. Even though they recognize us and we answer yes to the “been here before question,” they Read more

10:15 AM

Put enough butter on it and I bet it’ll taste delicious.

9:08 AM

One place where I’m a regular, our bartender will absolutely tell us if there’s a special on the menu that’s not so good. She’ll rattle off the specials but with a couple asides i.e. “I know you won’t like this one because of the mushrooms” and “that one is going to sound interesting to you but it’s really not worth Read more

11:45 AM

Perfectly fine to ask “Was everything okay?” as you’re also offering a box, but don’t add the “I notice you didn’t eat much..” There are so, so many reasons why people might have eaten a couple bites but a server shouldn’t really care unless it’s a quality issue. So just ask about that.

1:29 PM

A friend was recently telling the story of his frantic drive to the hospital with his wife when she was in labor with their first son. (The baby was coming FAST.) He’d already been on the phone to the cops to explain why he was driving 100+ mph in case one was nearby, and then he had to contend with some asshole Read more

4:06 PM

A pizza place near us had similar Bruce/Caitlyn photos on their restrooms. I noticed only a couple months later that they were gone. I’m sure someone complained but I loved it.