Selena MacIntosh
Aug 4

As a neuroscientist, this study is alarmist at the very least and suffers from huge experimental flaws in the measurement and comparison of the various so called generational groups. So many numerous factors can bias the results and the post-hoc conclusions of the authors of this study. First of all the cognitive Read more

Jul 2

Yeah I miss him and the rest of the gang, too. It just isn’t really that lively anymore and honestly maybe it’s for the best to have a random, but clean break (unlike last time). I’ll miss the camaraderie.

Jul 2

Ha, that’s great. “You leave us no choice.”
Although I’m concerned if the German public are rebelling what hope there is for the rest of us to do this right. Read more

Jun 3

Did you read the f*cking article? Get out of here with that bullshit.

Mar 6

i dunno, The Root did more to explain the benefits of a Warren presidency than Jezebel ever did. 

Feb 20

Yeah no, the primary is not over, I don’t need the residents of Iowa and New Hampshire speaking for me.

Feb 4

So the problem isn’t the bug-ridden code, it’s that QA didn’t catch it. Sure, Jan.

Jan 24

It sounds like what they need is a good butler to run their household, who can then”... raise the children to be emotionally stunted crime fighters after the parents are brutally murdered. 

Jan 21

also for anyone reading this, there will never be ad revenue because there will never be ads on Deadsplinter.