Selena MacIntosh
10:24 AM

For all the shittiness of the new owners, Splinter did it to themselves. They made it crystal clear that they did not want engagement, they wanted to only agree with them. Their social media said as much, and they went as far as to shut down a sub blog that critiqued them too much for their comfort. Read more

9:50 AM

It would be super wonderful if a large amount of men (exact words from the OP, who specifically didn’t say “all men”) would stop interrupting discussions with so many bad faith arguments.

12:05 AM

Sure it does. A guy isn’t going to do that because he thinks the woman will say “yay!” and commence to sucking. He’s going to do that because he knows it will make her uncomfortable. In this case, she’s saying that she felt Kavanaugh did this to flex his power over her - to say, “See, I can do this nasty, threatening Read more

7:17 PM

This reminds me of being in 7th grade and learning about another slur (one much more common I now know) because I asked a friend what another person (an adult relative of hers) what he was talking about. Read more

9:11 PM

Pretty much anyone who’s done yard work in their life has stumbled on a nest. Ground nesting hornets...