Selena MacIntosh
Jun 2

I’ve read a few of the linked pieces, and I recommend you do the same, because the solutions are a lot more nuanced than ‘defund police.’ The intention is to reroute funds that militarize police forces who react to (and escalate, and cause, in many cases) problems to programs that are proven to prevent those problems Read more

Jan 20

Hey hey! I have some experience running a site for people who leave a Gawker site on WordPress with BuddyPress (and five years as a test engineer for WP products), I can offer my services as a helpsome resource on the tech side. I’m all for cheeky upstarts doing their own thing on a shoestring budget, that’s where the Read more

Dec 6

I’ve worked for a bunch of very small start ups, and it kind of tickles me that founders are pretty universal from the big ones on down. In my experience, founders tend to share a few characteristics. They didn’t finish college, they’ve never worked for a corporate organization, they’re shit communicators, they come Read more

Aug 30

The user name of the guy you replied to is a slur used by white supremacists who think they’re super clever. Not calling you out, just a PSA for yet another stupid, cruel phrase stupid, cruel people use to be stupid and cruel. Don’t give him any more oxygen, let the rot eat him up from the inside.

Aug 16

They did not cover “protect children from swarms of bees” in my undergrad. I worked in an underfunded district, so there were plenty of building-based issues to fight, but the bees were my trial by fire. Read more

Aug 15

When I was a teacher, in a building without air conditioning or window screens, there were yellow jacket nests under the playground, which my classroom faced. Every day from 11a to 1p was a battle against yellow jackets. We all kept boxes of baking soda in our classrooms to paste up and put on stings, and we fashioned Read more

Jul 26

I was coming here to comment that I thought Jia was fine, but then I read this, and now I can’t stop laughing. I stand corrected.