I can confirm that $600 is the threshold for non-LLCs and S and C corps to receive 1099s. Read more

You can audit them all to hell, it’s not going to change their deal. Until the government starts either taxing loans leveraged with stocks and/or options or taxing the liquidible value of said stocks and/or options, these fuckers will never pay anything close to what they should be paying. I’m not talking about this Read more

I’m sorry, the entry deadline for Player Hater of the Year Ball was two weeks ago but we’ll throw this entry in for next year. Read more

Imagine having one of your childhood dreams come true and then having some mouth-breathing neckbeard covered in cheeto dust in his mom’s basement riling up a bunch of his turdlet friends and shitting on it. I mean, sure, you’re swimming in cash and women but it’s fackin’ Star Wars!!!!
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I getcha, and maybe I’m being a bit shitty about it. I just really wanted a review of this show and instead it felt like I was trying to sort peanuts out of a shit pile. Sure, I got some idea of what the show’s about but having to huff these fumes ain’t worth it. Read more

He watched this because he apparently drew the short straw in the reviewer pool and instead of going a bit more in-depth or fleshing out anything about how the aesthetics or action scenes expand or distract from the universe as a whole where the story, he spent close to 200 words hating on Mel Gibson like the guy Read more

Like, I can’t. So fackin’ what if it’s Mel Gibson? You refuse to watch Road Warrior, Beyond Thunderdome, Payback (fuckin’ PAYBACK?), Braveheart, just, like, a ton of great movies cuz dude lost his shit 15 years ago and has been relegated to the VOD realm?
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So the company that’s been training AI to dogfight decided the simulator wasn’t enough, hacked a real one, forced the pilot out, turned the autopilot on and let the AI fly it to their secret base in the Appalachians? Read more

Yeah, fuel costs and search parties required to find them when they go missing would probably bankrupt Ukraine in about 5 weeks.  Checks out.  =) Read more

The definition of a workplace isn’t dependent on the composition of the workforce. If you have a bricklayer, a bridge builder, an architect, and a SpecOps Sniper laying asphalt on a city streets crew, it’s still a city streets crew.
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Ummmm, yup.

I’m gonna be that guy for a second. Technically speaking, almost all of the interactions of this sort happen at camp which would not be considered the workplace because the work takes place outside of camp. If you choose to live with someone that you work with and they get all up on you at home, you can’t complain Read more

So we get the benefits of your murderous toddler’s rage and unless you live in California (or are not-white) they won’t charge them as an adult? Read more

Time to dust off my Weyland-Yutani “advisor” flamethrower. Read more

After my third date with my now wife after I replaced the alternator in her 86 Camry she was, as she described, sloppy for me. My wife still thinks its hella sexy when I work on the truck and I come back into the house covered in grease carrying tools. Read more

A) I am actively trying not to think about it. Read more

As the youngest of 13, allow me to retort.
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Oh my god, that is human centipede level of turn my stomach. Read more

Ditto, but I didn’t look like my blubber was being held back by elastic stretch to its limits.  =) Read more