Sep 3

Am I the only one who read that headline as millennials would actually be driving the old vets to the place where they wanted to shot people, since the vets probably are to old to drive a car? Read more

Sep 3

According to the title of this post, it’s about about a thirty something doing a good deed driving around a retiree on his deadly errands.

Sep 3

At first read, this headline had me imagining millennials running some kind of Uber for Vietnam vet mass shooters.

Sep 2

Most flashers in public don’t go on to hurt anyone either. As a society, we tend to think it’s pretty gross to do that and that people should keep their pants on unless they’re in a setting in which that’s expected. Read more

Sep 1

I mean even if you’re asking for medical or breastfeeding advice I think it would be polite to ask if you can send an explicit pic. I guess the FB groups you might have a question but that’s not the same transaction

Aug 29

My standard for complimenting a woman’s appearance in the workplace is that I only say it if I would say the same thing to a man. Never steered me wrong. 

Aug 28

He bought a house for his mom and moved into the “basement” because he has mental health problems and they figured that’s the safest arrangement for him. You can make fun of him for the stupid shit he said at the college show he just did but snarking on him for this seems extremely in poor taste to me.

Aug 28

He lives with his mom, or his mom lives with him (semantics), because they both agree it’s what is needed for his mental health, and that  isn’t kind to be snarky about.

Aug 22

I used to be bothered by bad spelling, until I did an English degree and learnt that standardised spelling is a fairly recent innovation. Language is a constantly evolving thing, changing and developing to meet the communication needs of its users. English in particular is a glorious mutt of a language, which is why Read more

Aug 13 2019

Golden Girls! I watched as a kid and loved it but watching it as an adult makes you realize how much you missed and how lovely, hilarious, and progressive it was. Read more

Jul 30 2019

Every time this discussion happens, the superb WaPo article is mentioned, and like clockwork there is a subset of commenters who think their brains are just simply wired better that the rest of us.

Jul 18 2019

I only reject the getting to have a second one because I don’t think you get to have all new stuff just because your baby’s genitals are different a second time around. I dont want to encourage their binary gender nonsense! Read more

Jul 18 2019

I kind of fell out of love with my significant other when they started locking kids in cages along the south edge of our property.

Jul 17 2019

I live in a “pop” state but I was raised by “soda” parents. Life’s been hard. ;D

Jul 17 2019

I say “up to”, but only in the present or future tense. “I’m running up to the mall, do you need anything?”

Jul 17 2019

:D I’d be holding back a scream:Just say ‘at’!”

Jul 17 2019

Minnesota certainly has its own regional language. (Duck, duck, Grey duck?! ridiculous!). The other thing I noticed is that it’s acceptable to end sentences with “with” by itself. Read more