2:39 PM

I honestly thought they were trying to tie in an Uber/Lyft angle the millennial starts as an unwitting accomplice just trying to make ends meet with a side job, but gets drawn in to this murder spree.

1:27 PM

I’m not from Texas, but moved here as an adult over a decade ago. I do not understand this undying devotion to Blue Bell ice cream. I remember during the listeria thing hearing a ton of insanity about people trying to stock up before it was taken off the shelves, saying Blue Bell was so great that it was “worth the Read more

4:03 PM

I saw Jake Gyllenhaal on some late night show recently, and he made a comment about Maggie being his favorite sibling. The host then asked if he had any others siblings, and he kind of awkwardly said he did. That made me curious about the other, are they in the entertainment industry too? maybe more Read more

5:58 PM

Where I was raised and lived until age 21, it is 100% “pop” country. Then, I moved across the country, and made a conscious effort to switch to “soda” so I wouldn’t stand out. Now when I go home and someone offers me a pop, it sounds so strange!

5:52 PM

I think it is much more natural in present or future tense! (to me at least) 

4:41 PM

I definitely say “who all.” I think I use it more informally, when I want to show I want the COMPLETE rundown of who was there. (“Who all made it back for Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Linda’s?”). Read more

4:32 PM

I WISH I said uffda more. Since I no longer live in the midwest, I feel like I’ve lost it. Read more

3:45 PM

When I was a child, my dad had a cyst on the back/side his neck that started small but eventually grew to close to the size of a baseball. The reasons he allowed it to grow so big were: Read more

2:20 PM

Yes! I hate when dads act like that! Moms may be better at doing the kid’s hair at a baseline, but that’s only because her “baseline” includes caring for herself. If the dad puts in a little bit of effort, he can catch up. Read more

12:43 PM

I was scrolling down to find this reply before I wrote one of my own! Growing up, I thought there were two words, segue and segway, with similar meanings. It never occurred to me that I only read, never heard, “segue” and only heard, never read, “segway”

1:47 PM

Scrolled down to say the same thing! I got engaged in Dec 2009, and married in Oct 2011—we didn’t really start planning until June 2011. It wasn’t a hollow gesture, we were definitely planning on getting married, but it takes a minute to figure out what kind of a wedding, budget, location, etc. Also, for us, it was Read more

7:43 PM

That’s actually the Time story mentioned in this article. It seems like we all (the author, you, me, probably many others) remember this kid being older than he was. I remembered him as being about 5, but he was really only 3! Read more

4:22 PM

I’ve just been worn out. I went through a bunch of pretty shitty stuff in my personal life about 2 years ago, and have been struggling to get back to “normal” ever since. I’ve been in a bunch of therapy, support groups, etc and on top of work/school, it just sucks alllll my energy. Read more

12:57 PM

Not really? The mesh part is pretty dense (but definitely still see-though), so it’s not a huge difference. Also, I wear them exclusively indoors, so no wind gusts or anything. I could imagine it might be different for someone who wears them outside running or something.

12:24 PM

I have a pair of leggings with mesh panels, and I always feel so weird when I wear them. I bought them accidentally—I needed workout leggings, but am not stylish and also dislike shopping. When I went to the store, I grabbed a pair off the rack that was cheap and had a tame (not neon) pattern. Read more

5:35 PM

Agreed! I feel like he might be one of those people who don’t understand you can have a thought and not share it with everyone. Read more

3:34 PM

Love it! This was the first one that came up when I clicked the hashtag, and it is sooooo me. Luckily, I’ve learned to not confront my labmates, because it turns out that my pipettes are either right in front of me, or I took them somewhere else in the lab and left them. Read more

3:31 PM

Yes, PLEASE watch Brooklyn 99!!! I’ve started 3 separate people on the show, and they all love it! It’s one of those shows where I really can’t pick a favorite character, because I love them all. Read more

2:18 PM

THANK YOU! Brooklyn 99 is my current favorite show (I was devastated  during the brief period when I thought we wouldn’t get new episodes), and I’m doing a PhD in science, so this is exactly up my alley. Read more