sefeing, now back in a Jeep with a parked E46

This one has a vibe of “I know about something really expensive that’s about to break and I’m getting the hell out. “ Read more

I had a TDI that could automatically detect if it was on rollers so it could go into a special mode to pass the emissions test. Read more

pretty sure that’s a Saturn Read more

There was this one time when our car salesman turned out to be a murderer. Read more

My favorite is the

My favorite is the

I see you’ve never owned a Mac before. Read more

And for the rest of us who like to be more than 4.5 feet from the wall.

‘fairy lights?’ I wish I could block news coming out of the UK. Read more

But unlike an elected official, it has zero bearing on your life or the institutions you rely on. So fucking give it a rest. Read more

From the looks of that escort its either a nuke, a crashed UFO and occupants (I WANT TO BELIEVE) or a dry run for transporting President Donald Trump’s hair pieces. Read more

She did. They arrested her for arson because she lit it up with those hot moves. Read more

Is it that freaking hard to use common sense and not reach for something with exposed rotors spinning fast enough to sustain flight? Read more

Hell, I live in Queens, 4 subway stops from Manhattan and I can’t get it here. Read more

OnePlus has developed their own operating system called Oxygen OS, and it is pretty close to stock. Incredibly smooth, but the battery life is not quite there yet. I ran it on my One for a few weeks before heading over to Cyanogen OS 12. Oxygen will be a very nice ROM after a couple of updates. Oxygen will appear on Read more

Yeah, it's still a .0 release - these things happen. A clean install helps a bunch. Read more

Still can't figure out how Paparazzo are legal. Read more

Next question?

On Google Maps. Love it. My only problem is with the lack of integration. If I need to go to a friends house I've got to open the contacts, copy, close contacts, open Google Maps and paste. Has anyone found a quicker way of doing this (without a jailbreak). Same problem with using 3rd party apps like Yelp. Read more