Seat Safety Switch
Dec 11 2018

Unless you’re part of the family, NEVER work at a family business.

Oct 8 2018

He’s also a huge fucking narcissistic piece of shit. Literally everything he owns he’s nicknamed after himself, meaning you can’t borrow a goddamn allen wrench from this asshole without him calling it a “mousekatool” like it’s any different from regular tools just because he owns it. His house was built using a Read more

Mar 13 2018

If there is no job offer after 2nd interview, move on. If there is no office to interview in, move on immediately. NEVER go out for drinks with your boss unless you live in Japan. If you are asked social or political questions in an interview, leave immediately. Read more

Jan 23 2018

I read that as “Tina Turner’s kindergarten art projects.”  I was confused, but it was still funny. 

Dec 17 2017

It’s good to have you back (even if it’s just an older post being re-shared)

Oct 15 2017

No hyperbole, that was one of the most beautiful endings to a series that I’ve ever seen. It will stick with me for a long time.

Jun 18 2017

Some of them think it’s an honour to work on their Shelby or Cuda, it’s not.

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Jun 16 2017

He said it was this place in Addison that supposedly had this amazing Italian beef sandwich. Ithad recently been renamed, and I don’t remember the name. I usually despair of anything authentically Italian in the DFW area; so, if it is, it might be worth the drive.

May 22 2017

Whatever you do you want to get all that rust out (even from behind). This is one of those things that you can sandblast the front, glob some Everglass in/on it, and in a year will be an even worse mess than just leaving it. The truck looks simple enough that you can get to both sides of that area.

May 16 2017

Yeah, I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t verify that interviewees actually have the skills they claim to have. But I’ve definitely been in scammy situations as an interviewee where I was asked to do literal hours of free work, ostensibly to prove that I had basic skills, which should have been obvious from my Read more