Seat Safety Switch
Oct 13 2017

Early 90s Ford white flakes off like that no matter what you do. My ‘91 Miata looked like a primer-spotted cow.

Sep 1 2017

As soon as I saw the dimple on that end-link the half-day I spent pulling them off of my project Celica came flashing back. I ended up drilling through the stud and collapsing it with a mini sledge. Read more

Aug 26 2017

My neighbour has a painfully mint 9-5 sedan that I am waiting to see a “For Sale” sign in the window of.

Aug 24 2017

The key to reading Glassdoor reviews is to see if there’s a specific complaint or event that a majority of the reviews bring up. Everything else is generally noise.

Aug 12 2017

There was a 9-5 listed for very cheap that just needed the alternator installed. Thinking it was suspicious that someone would rather sell the car than install an alternator, I looked up the job before asking to see the car. Read more

Aug 4 2017

This is a fantastic work of research you have done here, and I can picture the corkboard with blurry pictures connected by red yarn you must have on your wall.

Jul 28 2017

Every 8.1 I’ve seen at this point has leaky injectors, so watch out for a rough/flooded cold start. Just floor it to disable the injectors while you crank.

Jul 7 2017

I loved my ‘97. It was probably the best car I’ve ever owned. Definitely the best out of the four Impreza wagons I’ve owned.

Jul 6 2017

That’s some weird stuff. I wonder where they got that massive COP setup. Looks almost like mod motor coils.

Jul 5 2017

If you bring your international drivers’ license they will let you take a rip around their (low-speed, residential-simulating) test track in one of like 60 frickin’ cars including a Toyota Century.

Jun 27 2017

Trim clip pliers help a lot. I have a really nice (but expensive) JTC set that also came with a bunch of plastic crowbars, which are useful for the actual panels. Read more