Seat Safety Switch
May 31 2016
Ride and Prejudice

When you raise a child, that child learns your biases, your preconceptions, your patterns. If you’re not careful,

May 24 2016

I was an ordinary person once before, I yelled through the woven-Kevlar window net at the wide-eyed librarian. Some

May 20 2016
The Snake Handlers

When I was a child, I thought I knew what truth was. It laid in science textbooks, it laid in order, it was embedded

May 13 2016
When You Love Your Work

When you love your work, you never work a day in your life. I definitely loved my work: I felt a pull toward it.

May 12 2016
Cressida Madness

I was firmly in the grip of Cressida Madness. Reaching from deep within the bowels of Toyota City, their rangy

May 9 2016
Stay Fresh

They told me when I put down the rubles for a gently used Oscar-II class nuclear-powered cruise-missile submarine I

Dec 23 2015
Self, Driving Car

I could see a thin wisp of smoke rise from the ECU, and it smelled like victory. I released the alligator clamps

Dec 17 2015
Turin It Up [In Detroit]

Wikipedia defines the 4-53T as the single most delectable engine to ever be devised by human hands. I’m not one to

Dec 16 2015
Hands, Free

As you may already know, I worked with a brilliant inventor for many years, and I once slaughtered his sentient

Dec 9 2015
Direct New Replacement

It was true what they said. When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you. Sometimes the abyss is an

Dec 7 2015
Mall Crawler

The Ramcharger and I had somewhat of a bond, I guess you could say. It would tell me secrets of the car world, the

Dec 2 2015
Carbon Capture

The Civic next to me is filled to the brim with high school kids, bristling with excitement about life and their