Thursday 8:22PM

I actually SAW one of these in the wild recently, and now my girlfriend is blind because her eyes rolled right out of her head from me not being able to shut up about it.

5/25/21 11:31AM

Our current fleet purchased work trucks are 1/2ton, ext-cab, 4x4, v8, pw, pl, pm, ac, am/fm bt, cloth seats, vinyl flooring and come in at $27,233

5/17/21 10:47AM

Somewhere along the way the term ‘luxury’ got confused with ‘expensive’.

5/02/21 4:54PM

Just like ‘there’s a teacher shortage!’ Nope, there’s a shortage of master’s level educated people willing to work for $40K a year while not being given the proper supplies whilst getting shit on constantly.

5/02/21 4:53PM

Be willing to hire someone willing to learn and teach them, then. Don’t ask for someone that knows how to do it but only want to pay them $40K a year. I’ll do anything, but if I don’t know how to do it, I’m willing to learn. You need to be willing to teach.

4/21/21 4:11PM

[24 hours later] “Here’s what’s going on with this wheel [slideshow]”

4/20/21 3:38PM

The overlap in the Venn diagram with circles labeled “people so excited about a couple grand in positive equity on their vehicles that they’re buying new vehicles” and “people with 5 figures of disposable cash” requires a microscope to see.

3/31/21 8:46AM

I fell for the greatest prank of the century... Elio Motors...

1/26/21 9:06AM

O2 sensor replacement can be a very easy job or a very hard job. It varies highly with the location of the O2 sensor(s).

7/15/20 7:42PM

Does it come with a snorkel?  Because you will be permanently under water.

6/09/20 5:56PM

It still seems like a lot even at higher incomes. I’ve got higher than usual rent because fucking major coastal cities, but make over $200k/yr. I own my current car outright, and I can’t see a scenario when I’d willingly take on an additional $500/mo payment just for . . . some goddamn touch screens? A car that beeps Read more

5/07/20 10:56AM

1st Gear: VW doesn’t lose money in America because of America. They did that shit to themselves. It started way before dieselgate too. Look back at your own archives and you’ll see bemoaning about VW cutting corners on the Jetta and Passats to bring them downmarket to sell more. They went from a mid premium brand to Read more

4/02/20 9:37AM

I can’t agree on a depreciating asset. You can’t put yourself that far underwater. You need to know you can escape the car without a loss if you run into financial trouble. The problem being it makes zero sense to put anything down or pay a zero percent loan off early...It’s a weird proposition as it creates Read more