5/12/21 2:59PM

Sounds like VW means sporty like baseball. Sure it’s a sport, but there’s a whole lot of standing around...

3/31/21 8:46AM

I fell for the greatest prank of the century... Elio Motors...

6/05/20 8:59AM

In 2013/14 I owned a 1978 tangerine orange Ford Econoline with 57k original miles. It had a 351W with cherry bomb mufflers and white wagon wheels. I loved that van. Her name was Clementine. But approximately every 9 miles it was either on a flatbed tow truck or at a gas station. Some day I will own another, but it

4/01/20 12:48PM

Is there not a way to turn them off, or pull a fuse? Similar to if you were in a pinch and have to put a car seat in the front seat of a coupe?

2/13/20 9:08AM

Will it Baby? More like Will it landscape? Fiat 500. 12 big bags of mulch. :)

1/29/20 11:30AM

I don’t keep much in my car beyond some cash in the glove box, but I feel like after a certain wealth point, you stop caring so much. There is almost no negative impact to my life if someone steals the emergency $100 bill from the glove box. I would actually be way more pissed about having to tidy my car back up after Read more

1/21/20 8:27AM

I grew up and learned to drive in the frozen tundra of Minnesota. Accidental or otherwise, a J-turn was sometimes just a part of getting where you were going in the winter months. 

12/23/19 8:29AM

Wow, I’ve been reading most of your articles (Posts? Blogs? What do we call these now a’days?) the last couple months, but I didn’t realize you were THE Matt Brown! I’ve always dreamed of a motorcycle powered roadster, and all the research I’ve done on yours keeps nudging me closer and closer to actually doing it. Read more