Yesterday 8:45PM

He probably could’ve phrased it better, but I agree with the underlying sentiment 100%. It’s absurd that every male friendship gets distorted into a potential gay relationship, even when there’s no evidence beyond the relationship being just a male friendship. Happens with female friendships, too (see, e.g., Read more

Yesterday 5:43AM

Young Billy is the cute little traumatized moppet from The Haunting of Hill House miniseries on Netflix and it blows my mind that is the same kid. Read more

Wednesday 10:42PM

I think nearly all of Marvel’s movies and TV shows fully stand on their own, plus an occasional tease exiled to after the credits. It’s internet pop culture sites that try to turn them into puzzle pieces for clicks. They’re rarely right, and even when they are, it occurs much more organically in the story than stuff Read more

Wednesday 6:14PM

If you’re not delving into the Castilian language voice-over credits to comb for clues, are you really even paying attention?

Wednesday 3:18PM

Ironically Ravonna has had variants on the time line, some were Kang’s lover and wife, other times they were enemies. Read more

Wednesday 12:09PM

Is it just me, or has every single case of so-called method acting you’ve ever heard of just sound like it was an excuse to be an asshole? For some reason, no one ever seems to do it when they’re playing a nice character.

Tuesday 7:18PM

“Sorry that we don’t have news on Prime 4, I guess you’ll get a game you’ve wanted since 2002.”

Tuesday 9:19AM

What’s funny is it sounds like you’re talking about AV club commenters, but really you're still just describing Clapton.

Monday 9:00PM

This sucks. And hurts. My father loved Clapton. Worshiped at his alter of guitar playing to the point of handcrafting his own amp to duplicate the amp Clapton used on the legendary John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers album. Owned multiple Strats, of course. Could play pretty much any Clapton solo note for note.
Read more

6/11/21 12:10PM

I’m sure Sly approved of future Taco Bell entress.

6/09/21 1:52PM

Yep and setting it in China was just shorthand for saying “A far away place that you really don’t know about” but the original Persian storytellers

6/08/21 11:03PM

I never took “I was a child” to mean that she was literally a child, but just that Marion was a college-age teenager (say, 18 or 19), and he was 8 or 10 years older.  So she still felt like a kid in comparison to him, the older man.

6/08/21 10:35PM

“Indiana Jones isn’t an unimpeachable action hero who always does the right thing and always has a perfect plan in his back pocket (like a James Bond or an Ethan Hunt)” Read more

6/08/21 3:11PM

Just watched it this morning. Buried in the “White Woman’s Instagram” bit is the most overt nod to the overall theme: Read more