Yesterday 10:40PM

No argument there. The nature of Twitter is that every legitimate gripe will be rapidly distilled down to the worst possible take.

Yesterday 8:33PM

I jokingly suggested that this Direct would skip right past Metroid Prime 4 and announce Metroid Prime 5. I was partly right.

I’m actually more hyped for this than another Prime installment, to be honest. I love just a little dash of survival-horror in Metroid. And I’m all about Samus’ new look. Just let me buy the Read more

Yesterday 7:33PM

“The other camp” being ... the camp of subconscious racism/colorism?

Yesterday 7:05PM

I love how the people commenting “Oh FFS you liberal SJWs will never be satisfied!” are ignoring that the complaints are coming specifically from the dark-skinned Latino and Afro-Latino communities about how they themselves aren’t being represented in their own stories.

Considering that, I would think this is a lot Read more

Yesterday 2:17PM

As an American, I don’t like the idea of judging someone’s race solely on their appearance, because race is also tied to heritage, cultural practices and lots of other things that can’t be seen at a glance.

Both American and Brazilian racial categorizations can leave people shunted into one category or another despite Read more

Yesterday 10:25AM

My parents always loved Clapton. Growing up I heard a lot of his bluesy stuff, which was fine. Then I got to know more of his work in reverse chronological order, from there going to his solo rock work and then eventually listening to Cream. Cream goddamn rules.

His ability to produce music I want to listen to has Read more

Monday 10:19PM

Batgirl isn’t literally his foster daughter, but she definitely had a long-term relationship with Batman’s foster son. So it’s still plenty fucking gross and a very weird thing for Bruce Timm to insist on including in more than one animated Batman property.

6/04/21 4:32PM

I have never understood how this is a conversation. Isn’t it pretty much universally agreed that Kate Winslet is gorgeous? Who is it that keeps insisting that sentiment needs an asterisk?

6/03/21 9:40PM

Have they ever addressed in these movies that Baba Yaga isn’t the name of some generic boogeyman figure, but a well-known witch from Slavic folklore? I’m not sure how a bunch of eastern European gangsters decided to dub the most badass hitman in the world with the name of a wrinkly old crone that lives in a house with Read more

6/03/21 1:17PM

But it’s hard to feel bad for James Gunn or Ryan Coogler not getting to do the movies they want to do when they’re both clearly, incredibly invested in making these exact movies. 

5/27/21 10:06PM

Of all of the Marvel superheroes put to screen so far, the potentially delusional guy with multiple personality disorder seems like he might be a bit meatier for an actor than the rest.

It’s also probably really fun to be in a big, popular franchise that people really enjoy, and also get an action figure and all that Read more

5/27/21 10:44AM

To be clear about what kind of government we’re talking about here with the CCP:

The Biden administration is looking for more answers about the origin of COVID-19, following new evidence suggesting that it may have been accidentally released from a lab studying coronaviruses in Wuhan, China.

The CCP has responded by Read more

5/26/21 9:22PM

I imagine that most people who are saying they hate China are using the word “China” to refer to the authoritarian Chinese government that’s rife with human rights abuses, not the citizens of the nation of China nor the ethnic group(s) who identify as Chinese.

5/26/21 9:17PM

It’s potentially bigger than just that one franchise - though losing even that one franchise could cost Universal Studios millions of dollars in potential ticket revenue. If they were sufficiently pissed off, China’s government could refuse to allow any of Universal’s films to be shown in their country. And they could Read more

5/26/21 5:51PM

I’m sorry you feel like you’re owed an apology.” - China, to the people of Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong, the Uighurs and any of their own citizens that get thrown in jail for pro-democracy sentiments.

5/25/21 3:12PM

From what I understand, there’s an app in China that is a combination of Facebook, Instagram, Venmo, Apple Pay, and every other convenient social function all in one. And to no one’s surprise, it’s controlled by the Chinese government. So anything you post on social media, or DM to your friends, or buy with these Read more

5/25/21 12:12PM

Does this clearly share a lot of DNA with John Wick? Yes.

Do I want to watch Karen Gillan and Lena Headey kill a bunch of goons, John Wick style? Also yes.

And the trailer suggests that there’s going to be a lot more silliness, as opposed to John Wick’s laconic stoicism. So if the action also delivers? Hell yes.

5/25/21 9:45AM

In some continuities, it’s because the Celestials may know/hope that humans will eventually develop beneficial mutations via the X-gene that give them superpowers, and that those mutants may rival or even surpass the Eternals in potential. And some of them (Jean Grey as Phoenix, Franklin Richards, etc.) definitely do Read more

5/20/21 10:08AM

Canonically, Gomez Addams is of Spanish ancestry. And while I’m no authority about the complex inter-related nature of Hispanic and Latino identities (knowing that Spanish people are Hispanic but not Latino, and often identify/are identified as white but some times don’t/aren’t), I just wanted to chime in with that Read more